Thursday 1 August 2019

CS Academy, Erode Campus share their Adventuruous Journey Experience.

Bronze Award participants under the International Award for Young People( Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award ) of CS Academy, Erode Campus went a two-day Exploration as a part of their Award Journey to Dharmapuri, Salem Coop forest. The Exploration provided an opportunity for the Grade IX and XI students of CS Academy, Erode to spend time in the lap of nature, far away from luxuries and their comfort zone. The journey was filled with learning and new experiences.
The Adventurous Journey started with the students helping clean the lake premises of Salem. This was followed by an interactive session at the bamboo factory and a session by Mr. Piyush Manush, a renowned environmentalist, on the irreparable damage caused by plastic and speedy urbanisation. Award participants had hands on experience in relation to soil and water conservation and management. Students were also taught first aid by Dr. Lavanya. Finally, a tough trek through the bamboo forest and sleeping in huts amongst nature taught them lessons on perseverance, tolerance, environmental protection, motivation and leadership.

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