Friday 25 August 2023

The Award In Action—Pinegrove School, Dharampur

Report by Ms. Ujala Chauhan, Pinegrove School, Dharampur

A group of 15 enthusiastic Award participants and 2 teachers from Pinegrove School, Dharampur engaged in a heartwarming interaction at Sewa Bharti Awasiya Parisar in Dagshai on 13th August 2023.


The interaction fostered connections and understanding with the local children hailing from under-resourced backgrounds. They shared their aspirations and dreams for the future. Engaging in thoughtful conversations, the young minds discussed their plans and strategies to achieve their goals, finding common ground despite their different life circumstances.

As an expression of unity, musical performances were presented while sharing their talents and spreading joy. The performances not only entertained but also deepened the bond formed during the encounter. Displaying generosity and compassion, Award participants from Pinegrove extended their support by contributing sports shoes and stationary items. Additionally, they had snacks, creating a pleasant atmosphere where both groups could enjoy a well-deserved break together.

This visit was a poignant eye-opener revealing the challenges faced by those from less fortunate backgrounds. The experience served as a reminder that life's journey is not always straightforward, and a spirit of empathy and willingness to help can make a significant impact. The interaction left a lasting impression on the Grovians who expressed a strong desire to learn more about their new friends and extend their assistance further. It showcased the power of connection and empathy, fostering a sense of unity and purpose among the Award participants.


Friday 18 August 2023

The Award In Action—The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet

Report by Mrs. Latha Soorishetty, Award Leader at The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet

A Student Orientation session of the International Award for Young People (IAYP) was organized on Friday June 23, 2023 for Grades IX & XI at The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet. More than 200 young people were part of this orientation programme!

Mrs. Latha Soorishetty, the Award Leader for the YES center HPSB, hosted the programme under the guidance of the Principal Dr. Skand Bali and the Vice Principal Mrs. Amritha Chandra Raju. The Student Orientation was based on the key aspects of introduction of Award, Philosophy of Award, Service, Skills, Physical Recreation, Adventurous Journey, etc., and the objective was to introduce the Award Programme, its ideologies and benefits to the young minds.

Principal Dr. Skand Bali was invited to the program to address the students. He highlighted the advantages of The Award Programme and its power to bring about a difference in the lives of young people. He also highlighted the importance of The Award with some success stories or experiences of Award holders. This motivated our young people to enroll for The Award Programme.

The orientation concluded with a doubt clarification session for students who expressed interest in enrolling for the programme. Overall, the student orientation effectively inspired students to enroll and a total of 65 students from The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet have enthusiastically registered for the upcoming year, 2023-24.

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Friday 11 August 2023

The Award In Action—HAL New Public School, Bangalore

Report by Preet Kaur, HAL New Public School, Bangalore


The orientation and felicitation programme was organized to celebrate the achievement of young people who successfully completed the bronze level of the International Award for Young People. Mr. Bivujit Mukhoty, Programme Manager for IAYP was invited as Chief Guest for the same. The event aimed to recognize the commitment, perseverance, and personal development of young people throughout the challenging journey.

The programme included informative sessions by Mr. Bivujit Mukhoty on the benefits of the Award, guidance on progressing to the next level, and inspirational speeches by accomplished individuals. The participants were felicitated with certificates and badges, acknowledging their accomplishments. The event provided a platform for young people of HAL New Public School, Bangalore to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and encourage others to participate in this prestigious international programme. It served as a motivation for them to continue their pursuit of personal growth and excellence.


Friday 4 August 2023

Award Alumni Interview Series : Episode 2

We are thrilled to share the second episode of our Alumni Interview Series🚀

In conversation with our team, Siddharth Mathur, a Silver Award holder remembers his Award Journey, and hopes to encourage young people to pursue the Award!

The interview is live on our YouTube Channel :