Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Award Leader Training (YES) Workshop

 at Award Training Centre, New Delhi

An Award Leader Training Workshop was organised on 27th - 28th June 2017. Twenty-two participants from Vidhyashram International School, Jodhpur; DPS International, Gurugram; G. D. Goenka Public School, Gurugram; Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar; Vivek High School, Mohali; Allenhouse Public School, Kanpur; Bodhi International School, Jodhpur; Partap World School, Pathankot; Red Bricks School, Ahmedabad; K C International School, Jammu; Fountainhead School, Surat and National Award Authority attended the workshop. The workshop was led by Kapil Bhalla (National Director), Bivujit Mukhoty (Programme Manager), Priyank Kumar Gupta (Head IT and ORB) and Pratibha Kumari Singh (Member, National Training Panel). Click here for the pictures

Dr. Vivek Raghavan

Chief Guest at Gold Award Ceremony - 20th July 2017

We are pleased to share the profile of Dr. Vivek Raghavan, Chief Technology Officer, Team Indus, who has kindly consented to grace the occasion as the Chief Guest of the Annual Gold Award Ceremony to be held on 20th July 2017 at India International Center and felicitate Gold Awardees at the function.

Dr. Vivek Raghavan is at heart an out-of-the-box problem solver.

He serves as Chief Technology Officer and Board Member for Team Indus, India's entry to the Google Lunar X-Prize, which aims to land a spacecraft on the surface of the moon.

Vivek is also the Chief Product Manager and Biometric Architect at the Unique Identification Authority of India. He has been involved in the design, implementation and scale out of the technology platform for Aadhaar, the world’s largest identity program. He joined the Aadhaar project just before the first Aadhaar was issued, and was there when the billionth Aadhaar was generated.

Vivek is a full time volunteer, and is in the unique position of playing both these roles in a volunteer capacity.

Vivek spent 20 years in the field of Electronic Design Automation, successfully founding, running and selling two EDA startups and being responsible for the design and development of multiple market leading EDA products. He has held senior management positions at Magma Design Automation, Synopsys and Avant! Corporation. Vivek has an M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a B. Tech. from IIT Delhi.

What the educators says about Award Programme

Any child who is studying or getting an education in the school, is not only pursuing academics, but also on the path to self development to become successful in life. Because the world they will face in 10 years or 15 years is unknown - - neither they know, nor we know - - so we need to give them a firm foundation and build those capacities in the child that will enable them to face the world. So the world does pose a lot of challenges and we might not know what kind of challenges can be there. But to encounter them and face them we need to have some set of basic skills, which are called life skills. For building life skills we need to have a very structured formal setup or a programme which can ensure that those kinds of skills are definitely built in a child. Along with this, it is really necessary now that we need to have responsible citizens emerging out of a school. When they do a job or when they start their own work, they are not going to be limited to thinking about their own office or company or setup but in general contribute towards society, which takes care of their country as well, and that's how we think of responsible citizens and global citizens as well. So with these thoughts in mind, since I was aware of IAYP from quite of few years, I was very keen to initiate this programme, which is definitely going to address these issues and will certainly help in bringing about these qualities or skills in the school.

Mr. Prashant Muley 
Podar International School, Aurangabad (ICSE)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

How the Award transforms life - Improved educational attainment

Adrija Chatterjee, Award Leader from Sri Sarada Math, Rasik Bhita is sharing the life changing story of Prityi Das. Prityi Das has started her Award Journey under the Gender Diversity and Women Empowerment Project under aegis of ISPG.

Prityi Das, one of our Silver Award holder from Sri Sarada Math-Rasik Bhita scored 74% in the Higher Secondary Examination. Prityi comes from a socially and economically challenged background and she faces lots of hurdles daily. Her father does not stay with them and her mother is a maid servant who is also physically challenged. When Prityi started her education, there was no support. It was a dream for her to continue her studies. Prityi did not lose hope and tried to get financial assistance and scholarships. At the time of her Silver level Award Journey trek to Matha Hills, Prityi’s mother refused to let her participate as her final Higher Secondary Examinations were knocking at the door, but Prityi stood up against that and said that she could do anything and could face challenges because she had learnt this from the Award. At last, Prityi's mother relented and she did this camp successfully and also achieved a good result in her Higher Secondary Examination. She proved if you face challenges boldly you will get good results. The Award family congratulates Prityi and wishes her a good and successful future.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Award Leader Training (YES) Workshop at Podar International School, Aurangabad

An Award Leader Training Workshop was organised on 12th - 13th June, 2017 at Podar International School, Aurangabad. Twenty participants from Podar International School, Aurangabad and DSB International School, Mumbai attended the workshop. The workshop was led by Kapil Bhalla (National Director) and Bivujit Mukhoty (Programme Manager). NAA wish to thank Mr. Prashant Muley, Principal, Podar International School, Aurangabad (ICSE) and his team for their support in organising this workshop. Click here for workshop pictures