Thursday 1 August 2019

Treading Towards Success: The Endeavours of Ivy World School, Jalandhar

The International Award for Young People has been an outstanding guide in the contemporary social realm where it caters to the life of young individuals with a platform to reach the zenith of their innate abilities, develop skills and work towards a better community. The fruits of this endeavour are sweeter than our expectations. Ivy World School, Jalandhar, has always worked upon the thought of nurturing global citizens. The approach that we sought, which proudly involves IAYP, has facilitated us on this path through easy learning.
The activities that participants engaged in opened doors for them to look beyond the domains of education. They opted for numerous projects in distinct categories under the Skills section - carpentry, painting, art and designing, fabric painting, dancing, gardening, basketball, lawn tennis, and cricket under the Physical Recreation section. In each activity, a ‘step by step learning approach’ has taught them about the tools, techniques, and strategies required to achieve their set goals, thus expanding their knowledge base. The participants followed a set action plan to ensure steady and smooth progress.
This expedition has been a very enriching experience. Being educators, it has been challenging for us to sow the seeds of community, recreational and skill development in the participants in view of rapidly increasing technological advancements. However, the combined efforts of teachers and participants reaped the best possible results. The participants worked hard to bring out their best possible versions whilst participating in diligently in various activities. Their rigorous and continuous efforts seemed to highlight a different approach towards the development of these young minds.

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