Thursday 1 August 2019

Award Holders from Center Point Schools, Nagpur share their Award Experience

“The Adventurous Journey as part of IAYP has completely transformed me. It has prepared me for any challenges that may come my way and has made me courageous. It broke the monotony of my life and infused some freshness into it. After the journey, I have become mentally stronger. The Journey helped me overcome my fears and has increased my tolerance level. The Adventurous Journey introduced an extra dimension in my life and has helped me discover a different side of myself. The journey was one of self-discovery.”
~ Shazil Jalil
Bronze and Silver Award Holder
Gold Level Participant
“Physical Recreation was my favorite section of the Award. Physical Recreation ensures that every young person has a healthy body and spirit. I chose badminton as my activity under this section. It was great fun to learn new exercises, various strokes, and strategies. Playing a sport daily is very beneficial as it helps us gain stamina, maintain our body, and helps keep us active! I also developed various skills such as team spirit and coordination.”
~ Tanisha Sangtani
Bronze Award Holder
“The vision of the International Award for Young People is to engage people from diverse backgrounds and equip them for life. IAYP empowers us to succeed in life and rewards us for our achievements. I opted for Art in Skills. Art has been a wonderful medium for me to explore and express myself and the boundless beauty of the universe. As for Voluntary Service, I had opted for Awareness Campaign. Voluntary Service allowed me to educate myself on the various topics like water conservation and methods to save plants. It allowed me to express myself while talking to people about these issues. Voluntary Service sensitized me to various environmental issues and allowed me to make my contribution as an individual towards a Greener Earth. I would like to thank the IAYP organization for giving me such a wonderful opportunity!”
~ Sneha Tuteja
Bronze Award Holder
“When I decided to participate in IAYP, I had no idea what to expect, but once I started, I completely transformed to a better version of myself. As a part of Voluntary Service, I volunteered at a home for differently-abled children. My experience has been phenomenal! Voluntary Service has transformed me into a more empathetic and sensitive person. I was exposed to a completely new experience and has taught me to make my contribution in society.”
~ Radhika Agarwal
Bronze Award Holder

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