Thursday 1 August 2019

IAYP Team visits Chennai for Award Leader Training and Student Orientation Workshops

On 26th and 27th April, 2019, a team from NAA, IAYP, comprising Mr. Kapil Bhalla - the National Director, Mr. Bivujit Mukhoty – the Programme Manager and Ms. Pallavi Gill – the Programme Ofiicer visited Chennai for an Award Leader Training workshop. The workshop was held at APL Global School where a total of 10 Award Leaders were present. The purpose of the workshop was, essentially, to welcome the Award Leaders into the journey of the Award Programme and to remind them of the important role that they, as guides and motivators, play in shaping the future of young adults pursuing the Award.
The workshop commenced with an ice-breaking session, followed by an introduction about the Award Programme. The team threw light on the philosophy of the Award and its framework. They then went on to explain its various facets that includes Voluntary Service, Skills, Physical Recreation, and the Adventurous Journey. They also elaborated upon risk management, stressed the benefits of the Programme and touched upon the residential project for the Gold level of the Programme. What followed next was a review session and discussion about the levels of the Award Programme. The session concluded with a film highlighting the Award’s achievements and its impact.
In addition to the workshop, Mr. Kapil Bhalla met with K.C. High, Chennai to discuss the prospects of the Award Programme being offered at the school. Apart from that, Ms. Pallavi Gill conducted the orientation of the students at APL Global School to acquaint them with the ideology and structure of the Award Programme. Such workshops are stepping stones in IAYP’s stride to build aware and able young people who can make productive use of their capabilities.

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