Tuesday 4 August 2009

The Award this Week

TATW as on Sunday the 2nd of August 2009

1. Things to do for the AV Team (Award Volunteers Team)
  • Make an Executive Team and nominate Award Leaders for colleges
  • Workshop plan - ROLE OF VOLUNTEERS
  • First Orientation and formal launch of the Open Award Centre will be 23rd August 2009
2. The South Zone will host the IS supported National Workshop at Coimbatore 9-11 October 2009.
The venue is Chinmaya International School.

Total 30 = North, West and East will have 5 each, 5 for NAA and 10 for South
30 number includes faculty and trainers (NAA 5 will cover that).

The faculty will have two Award Volunteers, two trainers and one Director.
NAA 5 delegates = The Trustees of the APF have nominated the National Director to be the QA (Quality Assurance) Member on the trainers faculty, for the Coimbatore workshop.

The Zones are free to decide the five participants and may need to do rail bookings ASAP. Zones to please start the search for the 5 participants in each zone. The South will have 10 nominations.

3. As a part of capacity building and training, NAA will do an add-on session to the Coimbatore Workshop in Delhi and focus on "Role of Volunteers". The workshop will help draft the Volunteer Management Policy.

4. Nominations called for RTW 2009 in November, last date is 1st Sept 2009.
Asia Pacific Regional Training Workshop, New Delhi India, 23-29 November 2009

Theme: Define The Future. The Award And National Development.
RTW will carry forward youth engaging in society, an umbrella challenge for the Region 2009-10.

Format & Key Topics
The RTW will incorporate group work, case studies, presentations and subject matter experts on how to best engage and add value to these six (6) sectors:
local community
NGO/international sector

The Participants (Selection Criteria)
The participants sought for RTW2009 will have a to be experienced hands and individuals with roles in policy, administration and youth engagement in the Zones.

We are seeking participants with a demonstrated interest and/or involvement in extending the Award into the wider community to meet a higher need.

The RTW 2009 participants from each Zone (two per zone) will work in six pre-selected groups. Each delegate will be asked to give inputs as a part of the RTW2009 registration process, and be involved in one or more of the six sectors and area of particular interest. The need for previous experience is important.

5. Proposed AHA (Award Holders Association) Summit in December 2009, send in your suggestions to Rohit Saxena please. He is our moderator on Facebook, we hope to have a group of 1000 individuals on FACEBOOK by then.

6. Facebook and the website very active, and we now have near 325 fans and friends on Facebook.

7. South Zone to host the Annual National Workshop in Ooty in January 2009. The design and delivery will be done my the South Zone Team alone, with necessary inputs from all the Zones.

8. The OAC (OPEN AWARD CENTRE) pilot project of the National Office

How will we do this?

  • On the 23rd of August 2009 Shloka and Rohit will do a road show for new entrants.
  • The OAC will be run and managed with the help of the AV Team.
  • The final AV Team will be in shape in the coming few weeks.
  • In Sept 2009 the AV Team will attend the  ROLE OF VOLUNTEERS workshop.

The Open Award Centre is a pilot being done by the National Office and will register participants / individuals who cannot make it of any of the North Zone units.

The National Office is working with the AV Team and will run necessary training and development.

9. IC Brand Task Force meeting in London,  meeting was chaired by The Earl himself.
This group is working in the strategy to build the Brand of the AWARD and has the best of professionals from all over the world; Award Volunteers, Gold Holders, National Directors, Regional Directors and Trustees. The report will be presented at the Forum in October 2009

Cheers, more until next week at TATW

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