Saturday 28 January 2023

Award Orientation and Guidance at DPS Newtown, Kolkata


The Award in Action - Drishti Malhotra from Cambridge International School, Phagwara

 With a pleasant weather, November 2022 was a good month for an Adventurous Journey. A joyful trip full of new experiences, knowledge and learnings was organised by our school for Award Participants of The International Award for Young People, India!

Exams are often boring ; a trip and travel activity from the school was something that refreshed our minds. It was a 2 day trip to Rocksport, Rajpura. There is a lot to speak about this place. We reached Rajpura by noon and from the very moment, we
started living the adventurous life like never before!
Some activities that we were part of were – Wall Climbing, Poetry, Zip Line, Rifle Shooting, Tug of War, Treasure Hunt and many more. After we were done with our activities on the first day, we tightened up our shoes for the DJ and enjoyed warm bonfire with music.
At night, we slept in tents and had a morning call at 6:00 a.m. We took part in activities and were on the way back to our homes. If we talk about meals, they were hand-licking, and delicious and were provided to us in plenty of amount.

“Age is no barrier when it comes to travelling.”

There was a lot to learn from this place. We learned about different mountaineering / adventure gears that we should carry when going for real adventures. I also made new friends! A place where discipline and rules were something necessary with neat and tidy environment. The instructors there were very polite and friendly ; they supported us throughout. This all was nothing less than an enthusiastic trip. It was a moment which gave us the chance to spend time together with our peers and teachers. I thank my school and the whole IAYP team because of whom I got a chance to enroll myself in an adventurous activity like this!

- by Drishti Malhotra (X-A), Cambridge International School, Phagwara

The Award in Action - Adventurous Journey of Award Participants from Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

Experience is the best teacher and nature gives the best experience!

Award Participants of Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior took to nature for hiking to many exciting spots in a short period of time, increasing hours spent on the trails.
These preliminary hikes were undertaken as a practice journey of The International Award for Young People.
In the month of December, SKVians experienced the worlds of Tapovan, Gwalior & the thickets of Kuno National Park. Award Participants explored every tiny learning opportunity through the dusty trails with Principal Mrs. Nishi Misra, identifying various aspects of forest growth and conservation.

It is believed that trekking is the finest approach to build your courage, accept the challenges, take in the scenery and breathe fresh air. The strongest bonds of boarding school are the unexpected lifelong experiences during trekking with friends and teachers.

The beauty of woods, covered with natural scented air and relishing snacks was all that we needed for our lifelong learnings.

We thank IAYP (The International Award for Young People, India) for encouraging our young trekkers to experience various adventure activities.

by Ms Suman Choudhary IAYP Award Coordinator Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

Saturday 21 January 2023

Photos from our Virtual Award Leader Training- 18-20 January, 2023


With our Guest Speaker, Mr. K S Biradar, CEO for B S International Group of Schools, Bangalore

The Award in Action - Adventurous Journey at Oberoi International School - JVLR Campus, Jogeshwari East, Mumbai.

 The Phoenix has risen and finally landed!!

The first ever Adventurous Journey at OIS JVLR took place over the weekend of 2nd - 4th December, 2022. Award Participants themselves named the Adventurous Journey the ‘Rising of the Phoenix’ to recognise the first Adventurous Journey at the school since the pandemic.

All Award Participants had taken part in months of training and a very successful practice journey in November. We were supported by our activity partner, Jungle Lore, who had a set of experts and very experienced hikers. All hikes and camps took place in the Pune/Lonavala region. No two campsites were alike and as you can imagine the views were magnificent!

Award Leaders at the school were Lakmini Lee, Chris Lynn, Chandeen Santos, Pallavi Vartak, Antara Roy and Sneha Potnis. We collectively could not be prouder of our Award Participants pursuing The International Award for Young People.

A big shout out to our supportive parents and admin teams in helping organise these journeys.

The Award in Action- Bronze Award Participants from HAL New Public School, Bangalore

 "A clean person is not the one who runs away from the dirt but one who takes the time and effort to tidy-up a dirty environment"

The Bronze Award Participants of HAL New Public School, Bangalore conducted a Cleanliness Drive on 15.12.2022, at the HAL Vathsalya School for Special Education, Bangalore.

52 Award participants along with Award Leaders participated in the same. The objective of this drive was not just to clean but to share the feeling of happiness living in that environment. By cleaning the majority of ground covered with weeds, foliage and fungus, the students transformed it into a beautiful play area within a short span of time.

ARTIVITY DRIVE- “Art that is larger than Life

Our students had a large display of more than 200 handprints of different colours imprinted on beautiful paper canvas. The need for the day is to be able to include differently abled children into our society and interacting with them is just one step closer to the idea.

The International Award for Young People participants had a euphoric moment of realization, with an amazing zest of emotional thread, intertwined while interacting with the students of HAL Vatsalya School for Special Education. They were radiating with enigmatic smiles, as they were seated beside each other in ripples of pragmatic aura. Our students had taken their time and efforts to pin their feelings down on a beautiful handmade card. They ended their interaction by sharing various lines of gratitude and deep insights of life lessons.

Above all they felt deeply indebted to the huge canopy of The International Award for Young People and their award leaders, who had extended their support and
contributed towards the successful completion of this milepost.

Saturday 14 January 2023

The Award in Action- Gold Award Participant- Debasmita

Debasmita, a Gold Award Participant from Jindal Vidya Mandir, Salav shares her experience with Public Speaking under the Skill section of the Award.

Being a stage person, I always felt the most confident while addressing the public. However, with increasing syllabus and more priority on academics, my life became more academically oriented. The International Award for Young People gave me an opportunity to give time to concentrate on my skills.
I addressed the youth of our college on Youth International Day, keeping in mind all the Cs' of Communication, body language, voice pitch and modulation, etc. which I enhanced through this Award Programme!

Saturday 7 January 2023

The Award in Action- Wheat & Potato Cultivation by Bhagwati Sharan Jha, an OAC participant and Bronze Award Holder

Bhagwati Sharan Jha, an OAC participant and Bronze Award Holder learned the skills of agriculture during the Award Programme! 

Here are his tips and experience with Wheat & Potato Cultivation:

Wheat Cultivation
Wheat is the basic requirement for the whole world so its cultivation is done in large amounts. In India, it is cultivated mainly in the parts of Punjab and Haryana. It is not cultivated in a single piece of land but first, its seed is shown in a wetland (which has high humus content) and amount of waterlogging in it. After 2-3weeks later it transfers to another piece of land (Which have also humus content). Regularly visit the field and maintain the plant by caring it and applying in fertilizer, pesticide to the field. If the temperature of environment high then apply Normal amount of water to the cultivation until rest it. The temperature required for the cultivation is 10 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius and rainfall is 50 to 70 cm usually it required bright sunshine. The soil in which it grows is mainly alluvial soil (which have water holding capacity and large amount of humus present). wheat cultivation is usually done through the labour only but one tool is used that is khurpa during the harvesting of wheat. After Hard working on wheat for maintenance and carrying within 4 to 5 months, its grain becomes yellow and straw hard and it needs for harvesting. Do harvesting of wheat obtained fresh wheat.

Potato Cultivation
Potato cultivation have doing in various parts of India because it is the basic
requirement for the diet of the people. For the cultivation of potatoes, it needs proper land preparation it can be grown in all types of soil except saline and alkaline soil. It is very well grown in loose and loamy soil after the land preparation chooses a small seed of potato that is disease-free and has eyes. After that potato seeds are snow in the field with the tools like a spade and plough. This cultivation is well growing in a row and column-like structures of land after that carrying a plant is more important than its showing because carrying needs irrigation, applying pesticides and insecticides, and other chemical fertilizers for the proper growth of plants generally potato cultivation is done in the winter so it required very less amount of water nearly 500 to 700 m after irrigation adding some fertilizer like and NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium )according to their needs of the presence of humus content to the soil. If required add some pesticide to the plant for killing diseases to make the plant healthy and disease free. After that carrying and all its requirement are fulfilled and within 4 to 5 months the times come for the harvesting of potato cultivation harvesting done through the Krupa by labour that out the potato from the soil by digging land only 2 to 3 cm and we get the fresh and healthy potato.

By Bhagwati Sharan Jha

Take a look at Bhagwati's Award Journey here: