Saturday 7 January 2023

The Award in Action- Wheat & Potato Cultivation by Bhagwati Sharan Jha, an OAC participant and Bronze Award Holder

Bhagwati Sharan Jha, an OAC participant and Bronze Award Holder learned the skills of agriculture during the Award Programme! 

Here are his tips and experience with Wheat & Potato Cultivation:

Wheat Cultivation
Wheat is the basic requirement for the whole world so its cultivation is done in large amounts. In India, it is cultivated mainly in the parts of Punjab and Haryana. It is not cultivated in a single piece of land but first, its seed is shown in a wetland (which has high humus content) and amount of waterlogging in it. After 2-3weeks later it transfers to another piece of land (Which have also humus content). Regularly visit the field and maintain the plant by caring it and applying in fertilizer, pesticide to the field. If the temperature of environment high then apply Normal amount of water to the cultivation until rest it. The temperature required for the cultivation is 10 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius and rainfall is 50 to 70 cm usually it required bright sunshine. The soil in which it grows is mainly alluvial soil (which have water holding capacity and large amount of humus present). wheat cultivation is usually done through the labour only but one tool is used that is khurpa during the harvesting of wheat. After Hard working on wheat for maintenance and carrying within 4 to 5 months, its grain becomes yellow and straw hard and it needs for harvesting. Do harvesting of wheat obtained fresh wheat.

Potato Cultivation
Potato cultivation have doing in various parts of India because it is the basic
requirement for the diet of the people. For the cultivation of potatoes, it needs proper land preparation it can be grown in all types of soil except saline and alkaline soil. It is very well grown in loose and loamy soil after the land preparation chooses a small seed of potato that is disease-free and has eyes. After that potato seeds are snow in the field with the tools like a spade and plough. This cultivation is well growing in a row and column-like structures of land after that carrying a plant is more important than its showing because carrying needs irrigation, applying pesticides and insecticides, and other chemical fertilizers for the proper growth of plants generally potato cultivation is done in the winter so it required very less amount of water nearly 500 to 700 m after irrigation adding some fertilizer like and NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium )according to their needs of the presence of humus content to the soil. If required add some pesticide to the plant for killing diseases to make the plant healthy and disease free. After that carrying and all its requirement are fulfilled and within 4 to 5 months the times come for the harvesting of potato cultivation harvesting done through the Krupa by labour that out the potato from the soil by digging land only 2 to 3 cm and we get the fresh and healthy potato.

By Bhagwati Sharan Jha

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