Thursday 31 December 2009

Future Leaders : A Talent Development Initiative

HSBC believes in the Award Concept of individual challenge : to give the youth a balanced, non-competitive programme of voluntary activities to encourage the objectives of personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and of service to the community. HSBC India, as a licensed operating partner of IAYP India, is steaming ahead to “Equip for Life” their young employees by introducing the Award Programme in the Technology and Services Centre nation-wide.

The Award Leaders, identified Activity Coaches and Volunteers at the various HSBC Sites will provide the required guidance that will help the participants complete the Award successfully. This Pilot Project is an excellent opportunity to empower young professionals by allowing them to embark on a journey of self-discovery, add international recognition to their Resumes and prevent burn out from a high-paced work environment.

Governance of the Award in HSBC

An Award Leader or a Site SPOC at HSBC will monitor the entire Award Programme for all HSBC participants. Each participant will choose an activity from an already compiled list provided to them for the different sections of Service, Skill and Physical Recreation Service and share it with the Award Leader. The participant then becomes responsible to provide a detailed calendar of activities and goals to a related Activity coach for each chosen activity.

The sections of Adventurous Journey and Residential Project aimed at encouraging teamwork, developing interpersonal skills and broadening a participant’s experience in an unfamiliar environment work a little differently. Participants in teams choose the purpose of an Adventurous journey and/or the nature of a Residential Project with the Award Leader. The teams then finalise the plan, embark on a journey and complete the activity under the supervision of an assigned Assessor. Every participant, after the completion of either the journey or the project is required to write a report and share individual reflections in the Diary.

Participants’ Activity coaches at the site become mentors, assessors and guides of each participant’s progress to complete the Award. They will also review participants’ Diaries, maintained by every participant, in monthly meetings. Activity coaches will sign off the Record Book after the completion of Award requirements of each component.

HSBC with this “Equip for Life” initiative stresses the aim to Cherish Service and Relationship within its socially responsible corporate structure. The employees are indeed the backbone of a company and challenging the young professionals to complete the Award is an impeccable strategy to progress

Sunday 27 December 2009

Two new partnerships - YP & Nanhi Chhaan

The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation has signed an MOU with IAYP India, a great opportunity for doing the Service projects for the Awards.

The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that works with the objectives of empowering the rights of the girl child, promoting women's empowerment and protecting the environment by preserving trees.
The Foundation partners and works with the support of civil society institutions, the media, industry, government partnerships and corporate organizations along with citizens to create a movement for humanity, that restores the balance of the environment as well as empowers girls and women to access their basic rights. The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation works to achieve the above mentioned objectives by using the positive and secular power of all faiths to reach out to people.


As the year 2009 ends, we have a great year to look back... Ram Nath Foundation, RLSS, INME, HSBC, MAX India Foundation, JCB... and now YP, all have been wonderful partnerships. The volunteers and participants are definately going to enjoy working with our partners and do full justice to the respective projects. In addition the Sri Aurobindo Society have been more than kind to support us too.
What will we do with YP?
1. We will now let the YP Volunteers Register as participants from our Open Award Centre, the individuals register ONLINE. Thus the Volunteer work will be acknowledged with a certification.
YP will be able to give the internationally valid certificates to their Volunteers, when the fulfilled the Award needs.

2. We will work together on projects, as the Award participants can do Service/ Skills/ Residential with YP. Thus YP will get more volunteers, as there is the need to work for 18 months to get the gold, the participants will be regular on YP projects.

3. Events and workshops – for awareness and fund raising.

4. Co Branding and promotions.

Let us win hearts and partner, to challenge young people everywhere.

Saturday 26 December 2009

The CSR Summit Feb 2010

The Gold Award Holders' Society of India, is doing a first of it's kind event! The Gold Holders' who have been change makers will meet the Award Friends and partners in New Delhi. This will be a one day Summit, and will facilitate an interaction between corporate organisations and volunteers of IAYP India. For details please write to "

IAYP India Organisation

Monday 14 December 2009

GAHN Summit Declaration


This Summit proposes the concept and implementation plan for the formation of the Gold Award Holders’ Network (GAHN), in India.

Under the auspices of the NAA, the Award has experienced significant growth. More young people are now participating than ever before and an increasing number of Award Holders now have the desire to form Award Holders’ Associations (AHAs). A Gold Award Holders’ Network (GAHN) can help to link, network and synergise active Award holders all around the world so as to provide them with a platform to serve the global community and create long-lasting links amongst young people. It will also encourage existing AHAs to work more closely with their respective Zones.

The Gold Award Holders’ Network is being established with the following aims:

a. Supporting the NAA. The GAHN will be able to support the development of successful AHAs, by having good working relationships with their own Zones. The support and recognition of the GAHN by IAYP India is crucial. In return, the recognised AHAs could support their Zones in a number of ways, as successfully demonstrated by some existing Gold Holders at the NAA office.

b. Sharing of best practices with NAA and AHAs. The GAHN presents opportunities to share best practices amongst the NAA and the AHAs. While noting the influences of culture on the various modus operandi, lessons learned from the different approaches can be beneficial. This open sharing will enhance the knowledge management payoff and synergistic gains of the network.

c. Development of links between AHAs. The immediate payoff of the GAHN would be its linkages to facilitate and build bilateral and multilateral links among AHA members. An example could be the bilateral cooperation between the respective AHAs and NAA around the country. Many collaborative projects can transpire from these linkages at the bilateral, regional and international levels and funding may be raised via NAA or other appropriate platforms.

d. Platform for representation at international events. The GAHN may give its representatives opportunities to fly the NAA flag at various regional and national platforms, such as events initiated by the IAA, the Commonwealth and the United Nations.

e. Feedback Forum to NAA. With the GAHN, NAA will be able to reach out formally to recognised AHAs and be informed of any feedback or proposals from the youth. This will form an additional means of communication for Award-related matters.


The Gold Award Holders' Society of India will assist the NAA and the IAYP India Team in the growth and development of the Award in India. Will comprise of GOLD HOLDERS only, and there will be one national body.

The seven members needed to form a Society and complete the paper work will be Ishita Khanna, Tripti Bansal, Pranay Kapoor, Saachi Sarin, Sandeep Dutt, Rohit Saxena and Juzher Shaikhally.

The founding team will sign the Memorandum and Articles for the Society and the registered office of the Society will be the same as the working address of IAYP India (596 Asian Games Village, New Delhi 110049).


We the Gold Award Holders in India affirm to support the NAA and take ahead the programme which highlights practical experience and exceptional efforts as drivers along life’s journey and where through our programme we give young people the opportunities and confidence to keep learning, do more, and go further. This encapsulates the original vision of our founder, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.
We affirm to support the work of the AWARD PROGRAMME FOUNDATION, Administering Trust of The International Award for Young People, India (The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award) a Public Charitable Trust Reg. No. TR/27951, registered in India.

Signature of Gold Award Holder

Sunday 6 December 2009

Nominee for President GAHN India - Ishita Khanna

This is our GAHN President.
Ishita is a young dynamic development professional and an Ashoka Fellow. Her experience of working at the grassroots and passion for the environment and mountains has been the driving force for both Muse and Ecosphere. She was also recently chosen as MTV Youth Icon for 2008. She is striving to improve life in remote Himalayan villages by building a green economy. In response to the region’s growing environmental degradation and threatened cultural preservation, Ishita has developed a collection of new income-generating and ecotourism opportunities designed to improve environmental management and promote the pursuit of more sustainable livelihoods. Her quest for striking a balance between human capitalistic progress & the sustainability of all life on earth has merged the region’s most marginalized communities with the market-based economy and created an incentive to conserve the region’s dwindling resources. She is, thus, paving the way for the region’s most isolated communities to retake control of their resources and retain primary ownership over them, proving that better environmental management can be a profound source of economic growth. For Ishita, the peace and quiet of Spiti is the life she likes and chooses to live.


Hi everyone,
It is with great pleasure that I would like to inform you that Ecosphere has been nominated for the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year Award in the Public Service category. We are truly humbled this year by this nomination and would like to take this opportunity to request you to vote for us. Please vote by following these simple steps:

1. follow this link

2. register

3. go to the public service section and find ecosphere

4. click on the round tab below ecosphere and then click on submit at the bottom of the page.
The voting is open till Dec 11.
You can also vote through your mobiles by sending the SMS – IPUB4 to 51818
Thank you for all your support over the years that has brought us to this point.
Many Thanks and Warm Regards,


Wednesday 2 December 2009

Sue Walker in the South Zone

Asia Pacific Regional Director Sue Walker after having wrapped up a very successful 2009 Regional Training Workshop in New Delhi comprising of eight countries and over 30 participants has now moved on to sustain existing relationships and forge new ones with HSBC India, other schools and colleges. HSBC GR Talent and Recuriting based in Hyderabad has already shown interest in possible programs for skill and physicial activity as a development initiative for their employess. Ms. Walker is now in Chennai.

Good luck to Ms. Walker and Delia. Lets win hearts and bring the world together!

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Brewing Knowledge: Gold Award Holders Network First Meet- 13th December, 2009 at the India Habitat Center

Brewing Knowledge: Gold Award Holders Network First Meet- 13th December, 2009 at the India Habitat Center

Gold Award Holders Network First Meet- 13th December, 2009 at the India Habitat Center

IAYP India is proud to announce the First Gold Award Holders Network (GAHN) meet at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi India

Date: 13th December 2009
Theme: Define The Future. The Award And National Development.
Time: 11 am to 4 pm
Venue: Mahogany Room, India Habitat Center

Come and be involved in group work, case studies, presentations and subject matter experts on how to best engage and add value to the Award Programme.

Please note that all Participating Gold Holders must bring along a copy of their certificate or any suitable proof to confirm their certification. Wear your Gold Award Badge for the first ever GAHN event.

Also, please complete all registration forms by 7th December 2009

Gold Award Holders Network (GAHN) Event at India Habitat Center on Sunday, December 13, 2009

Attention Gold Award Holders! This is your opportunity to get in touch with fellow Gold Awardees.

IAYP India is setting up a Gold Award Holders Network (GAHN) with support from the National Award Authority of the Duke of Edinburgh Award in India. GAHN is a society formed to further the ideals of the Award Programme with active participants of gold holders in India.

GAHN will operate from the NAA office and all completed registration forms should
please be returned to the National Office at:

The International Award for Young People, India
86 Shahpur Jat, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi 110049 India
Tel: +91 11 64662720, Mobile: +91 9716768487
Fax: +91 11 26497165

The first 100 Applications, there is a registration fee of Rs. 1000.00 (for joining the GAHN Society) that can be made payable to "IAYP, India", at New Delhi.