Sunday 23 May 2010

Celebrating one great year!

Summer of 2009, the turning point... JCB extends a warm hand to support IAYP India. Celebrating year one of the association, Mr. Vipin Sondhi MD JCB India, hosted a dinner. A wonderful evening... the Award Team presented a citation to Mr. Sondhi and further affirmed the leadership of the great company.

IAYP in association with JCB are committed to engage youth in society, and pilot the CSR initiatives.

Cheers and hoping to grow faster and stronger in the years ahead!

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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Become YES Entrepreneur!

Award so far is equipping for life, with the YES model in place it will be a source of Livelihood as well ...

Partner with IAYP and become a licensee... All you need is the Gold Award.

To learn more contact us!

The Studio

The Studio, is the modern training and resource centre for IAYP India. This new conference facility can house a maximum of 20 individuals and has all the IT and infrastructure for workshops and training. Located in Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, with ample parking and greenery, most inviting for all. The lanes of Shahpur Jat are a treasure trove too, small boutiques, eateries and even fast food cafes are all there.

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Formation of Teams!!!

IAYP's new teams in Place:
Award In Business
Award In Universities
Award In School
This is our strategy to hit our target of 10,000 participants. New office, New Teams, New Structure and Cherishing Projects!!


Tuesday 11 May 2010

Welcome Back Volunteers!!

The Award Office is soon going to be exorbitantly energetic. Volunteers will be back from there Examination break. It has always been easy sailing with them. Unforgettably, they are the pioneers of the Award Programme and with their go hardihood; we would take the Award Programme at zenith.

Looking forward to having fun with them and challenging young people together!!


We are pleased to announce the launch of Award Forum.

All volunteers are requested to register.
Check for more details with Award National office.

Monday 10 May 2010

West India on the go

Gold Holders in Mumbai and the West keen to build the Award Programme. Juzer, the GAHS voice is now working not only to network with the Gold Holders, but is keen to help register participants and further strengthen the Zone. He is running an adventure outfit and has access to the schools.

West Zone will actively pursue the expansion of the GAHS and build good volunteer support. The Zone was the trail blazer in the 1970-80 period and they are now committed to grow rapidly.

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Sunday 9 May 2010

Meeting with Carl

Mr Carl Laurie our West Zone Chairperson, hosted a great evening. We talked about evolving systems, building Zone Councils and an effective team to power the Award.

Carl keen to work with more gusto and serve the Award Programme to a wider network of schools. Very supportive of the strategy and felt need to build brand further.

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Saturday 8 May 2010

Mumbai Visit

Great to meet Juzer, our enthusiastic Gold Holder right at the Airport. He is doing a road show at the Oberoi International School and is challenging Gold holders to join in too.

Carl our wonderful Chairperson West Zone, will meet us tomorrow!



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Thursday 6 May 2010

Celebrations in India

The updated programme for the Annual Event:

Wednesday 23rd June 2010 - CSR Summit -

Thursday 24th June 2010- Celebrating the Gold Awards


Gold Presentation in the Evening - FOR GOVERNING COUNCIL MEMBERS, GOLD

Friday 25th June 2010 - Governing Council meeting - ONLY for the members of
the GC (NAA, India)

Nivedita will be handling the event and will keep all informed please.

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Sudhir Kumar Yadav: An Uncommon Story of a Common Boy

Sudhir, a Gold Award Holder, is representing International Award For Young People, India, in London at the Buckingham Palace. Many years back, he was found wandering on streets by Salaam Baalak Trust and was offered to pursue the Award Programme which was a turning point in his life and made him a Man of honor and dignity. Today his head is held high with his sense of achievement.

Cheers to International Award for Young People for creating Real Life hero like Sudhir.

Monday 26 April 2010

the studio

 IAYP India has set up a Training and Confernce facility, and this has been named "the studio",  the branding reflects the aim of 'equip for life', and hopes to convey a message of being a resource centre.
Welcome for workshops, training and reference any day of the except Sunday.

- Challenging young people everywhere
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Sunday 25 April 2010

The Studio

The new training and resource centre opened on the 24th of April 2010, and we hosted our first meeting of The Gold Award Holders' Society. The facility is branded 'the studio' and in addtion to conference services, is equipped with internet, refence section and a pantry. This centre will help in capacity builidng and training to take ahead the mission of 'equip for life'.

Located in an area of 1600 sq ft, is air conditioned with power backup. Housed in 86 Shahpur Jat, on the first floor, is in the building adjacent to the national office. The facility will host training programmes, workshops, participanat meetings and help us further as a location for serving the needs of the Open Award Centre.

"the studio" is dedicated to the enthusiastic young participants, and will further double up as a location for tbe Trust, Governing Council and other meetings too. Welcome to the facility, and you can call us on +91 11 32442626 for further information.

Challenging young and the old to build a vibrant Award Programme in India!

Saturday 24 April 2010

Award Office in New Shape!!

Our Cool Award Office has turned Cooler......Welcome Book Cafe!!
Thank you for always being a support to us and Challenging young people with us.

Saturday 27 March 2010

NST, 2010: A Real Fun!!

NST, 2010, hosted by National Office at Delhi was in literary was a real FUN!!

The entire session was very interesting and informative. The energy and passion with which Rob delivered was stupendously outstanding.
The Imperative area of the Award Programme were presented in a language that made it easy to understand and relevant.As we seek to challenge at Compassion, the workshop has brought an impetus to this area for us .


Wednesday 10 March 2010

My experience with the award.

IAYP has strengthened my belief, that everything teaches you something. Be it good or bad.. With the passage of time I have started to value and cherish my award experience even more.Be it the treks or the evening squash, it really does mould one for life.
And now that the Gold award holders network is finally a registered society, I feel privileged to be a founding member of the same.
Way to go!
Working on the database..tedious!!

Monday 8 March 2010

Way to Go Challengers!!

We are through with one level of Group Discussion On " How the Award Programme helps the Youth to face Challenges of society."
We are ready for another on March 13, 2010....

Era Premwani
Programme Manager
IAYP, India

Wednesday 24 February 2010

IAYP Brand

The IAYP brand is evolving, do look out for more ... connect with us on phone +91 11 64662720, read the e-newsletter, get the latest issue of Award India, website, blog at, join us at and now tweet with @iayp. Let us challenge young people everywhere!

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Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) Asia Centre in the news

23rd Feb 2010, the CYP Asia centre invited partner orgranisations, governments, ngo representatives and others working for youth empowerment. The Strategic Plan of CYP 2008-12 was formally released and a forum created to bring togther youth bodies, to take ahead the common agenda to challenge everyone to serve the young. Good meeting, from University heads to Government heads all were frank and had a good interface with individuals who are all doing their bits as change agents. Hope the spin offs from this meeting benefit the youth, all over the country.

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Ram Nath Foundation and the Award

Monday was a new day of the week and a great start to the initiative to bring the Award to the Young Offenders in the Tihar Jail, New Delhi. The Award team met with Anubhav Nath of the Ram Nath Foundation and worked on a plan to challenge about a dozen or so young offenders to complete the Bronze. It is here that one has to commend the flexibility of the Award Programme.

Let us win hearts together!

Sunday 21 February 2010

Dropping eggs from fifth floor!

You will not believe this... a bunch of young people took the challenge, thanks to INME!!!
They dropped eggs from the fifth floor, and guess what, NOT a single egg broke... for more call Nivedita on +91 11 64662720

Thursday 18 February 2010

National Office is now house full!

The NAA office now has on board all five team members:
Tripti Bansal - Volunteer Manager
Chittaranjan Das - Office Manager
Nivedita Samanta - Communications Manager
Era Premwani - Programme Manager
Sandeep Dutt - National Director

The five set out to further the programme, ensure quality and build reach.


Sunday 14 February 2010

The Turning Point

13th Feb 2010, Meeting of the Executives of the NAA, at the Award office will indeed be a major milestone in the development of the Award Programme in India. The Zonal Chairpersons appreciated the work of the National Team and had a great interaction with the full staff team.

Road map for developing along the lines of the Strategic Plan was received very positively, and need was felt to meet more often and work has one holistic set up.

Thank you Mrs. Vaidyanathan, Mr Palchaudhury, Mr Laurie, Ishita Khanna and all at the National office.


Thursday 21 January 2010

Award Team doing great!

Well done IAYP India team, the goals for 2009-10 achieved in Jan 2010 itself. We have another three months to build further. Cheers!

Wednesday 20 January 2010

New look Award Weekly

20th Jan 2010, a new look Award Weekly in you mail box!

A good way to celebrate the Birthday of our energetic Communications Manager, Nivedita.


Saturday 16 January 2010

JCB Team at Award Office today

The JCB Team visits the IAYP National Office today, they will meet the team members and help build up the HR strength. JCB is the HR Partner of Award in India, and have promised to sponsor all HR needs of the Award in India. We sometimes get tempted to call them the first friends of the Award in India, as they have been very supportive and over the year have enthusiastically helped us build a great Award team in India. Welcome Mr. Rajiv Kapoor , Vice President HR and Mr. Harish Kerpal, who supports IAYP as the single point of contact! Big thanks to Mr. Vipin Sondhi, MD JCB India and the JCB UK management for all they do for us.

Friday 15 January 2010

Award Programme Foundation (APF)

The Trustees of the Foundation meet in New Delhi, on 21st January 2010. The members of the Trust will review the work of the IAYP India (The Duke of Edinburgh's Award) and will guide the team on the future plans of the Award Programme in India.

Thursday 7 January 2010

Cherish Service & Relationship

The goal of the International Award for Young People to Cherish Service and Relationship fits like a perfect glove  with the objective of numerous companies, non profit organizations, local community groups and the Government. As all these sectors believe that empowering the youth, the future of a country, the future of the world holds the key to a progressive society.

The Award Partners all believe that the doing the Award develops essential skills such as confidence, improved communication, leadership, resilience and team working- all essential for a fast paced world of today. The Philosophy of the Award to be individualistic, non-competitive and flexible allows for the Award Programme to be integrated into daily lives without any changes in other commitments of a young persons life. As a matter of  fact, the Programme allows very individual to step outside the competitive, fast paced world of today and focus on one's self-development, to challenge only oneself.

For example, the Corporate sector sees the Award as a perfect mechanism to allow young employees to expand on their experiences by intergrating it with existing training and development programmes including apprenticeships, a level, graduate or other schemes; thus enhancing Corporate Responsibility agendas by promoting volunteering, involvement in the community, a better understanding of the environment and a healthier and fitter workforce.

As we move into a new decade, it becomes all the more imperative to partner and "Equip for Life".

National Training Workshop

Start Time:
Friday, January 8, 2010 at 11:00am
End Time:
Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 4:00pm
Chinmaya International Residential School
 Coimbatore, India

40 Award Leaders and Trainers from all over India reach Coimbatore on the7th of January 2010.
The Workshop is for capacity building and training; the Strategic Plan will be unveiled and the Communications Team will put forth the new agenda "Equip for Life". This will be the change agent and challenge young people everywhere.

Nivedita the Communications Manager will also explain the Brand pack, GAHN and on the sidelines meet Award partners, to help win hearts and partner to build a great Award Programme in India.

Monday 4 January 2010

MAX India to partner with The Award Programme

Max India and IAYP have signed an MOU and will partner to implement the Award Programme in the Max India group companies and the Max India Foundation. A great association as both are committed to work with the Award and challenge young people everywhere. Cherish Service and Relationship is an integral part of the Max India ethos and along with the Award Programme, they will help challenge young people everywhere.

The IAYP India Team in place!

A big thank you to JCB, the IAA, the Trustees and all the Award supporters for helpling us build a wonderful national office. The Team now has on board the National Director, Training & Development Manager, Communications Manager, Executive Assitant and one Office Assitant!

The team of five is committed to winning hearts and partnering to challenge young people anyhwere. We welcome all to our office at Shahpur Jat, New Delhi