Friday 30 November 2012

Forum 2012

L-R :Mr. Himmat Kalsia, HRH Prince Edward, Mr. Kapil Bhalla, Dr. Sanat Kaul, Ms. Sue Walker

Tuesday 27 November 2012

A new visual identity for The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

ASOP Coordinator Handover

It’s been great to see all the positive exchanges occurring in light of the recent handover of the ASOP Coordinator role. I’d like to add some sentiments from the Australian Sports Commission.

Firstly I’d like to personally (and publically) thank Vivek for all his hard work and dedication to the ASOP India program, but, more importantly for the passion and enthusiasm he has brought to the role. Since 2010 Vivek has provided tireless advice and support for all ASOP partners. In talking to our partners on my recent visit to India, I heard first hand some consistent themes with regard to Vivek’s approach and style - dedicated, passionate, robust, strategic, supportive and challenging.

There is no doubt the ASOP program would not have taken the strong shape it has without Vivek’s drive and innovation. His work has contributed to India being a leader and an innovator in the Sport for Development field for which it is now recognised internationally. Most importantly, all ASOP partner organisations are now in a better position to work effectively and sustainably with children and young people using sport as a tool for development.
I understand Vivek will not be far away. I can’t imagine he could be for too long. If he is not reducing his golf handicap he will be supporting the SfD sector in some way in the coming years and we can all look forward to that. He has offered the ASC unconditional support throughout this handover process which reflects ongoing Vivek’s dedication and values. Vivek – we wish you all the best. Thank you for the legacy you have left. This brings me to Rekha Dey..........

It is with great anticipation (and thanks to Magic Bus for giving her up!) the Australian Sports Commission looks forward to working with Rekha in the capacity of ASOP Coordinator and having her as part of our team. Rekha was identified as the standout candidate through the recent interview process held in India in October.  Her considerable experience in the SfD sector in India and as well as her networks, skills and approach will be instrumental in ensuring the successful implementation of the ASOP in India. We believe that Rekha will provide significant support in positioning ASOP partner organisations to make sustainable contributions to the SfD sector. Fortunately for us, Rekha is already known to us and many of you. In addition to her strong skill set, this provides the opportunity for a smooth transition and continuation of Vivek’s great work.

Once again Rekha, on behalf of the Australian Sports Commission - congratulations on securing the ASOP India Coordinator role and we look forward to continuing a constructive and fulfilling working relationship with you over the coming period.

Thanks again to everyone for your kind and supportive exchanges of this transition. Please forward this to relevant staff as required.

David Peedom
Sport for Development Consultant
International Sport for Development
Australian Sports Commission
Tel: + 61 2 6214 3891
Fax: + 61 2 6214 1451
PO BOX 176 Belconnen ACT 2616 Australia

Dr. Sanat Kaul at Royal Gala Dineer at Forum 2012, Malta

Wednesday 14 November 2012


Hopetown’s first IAYP Week was a huge success. The IAYP participants showcased their skills in Art, Dance, Drama.They created awareness for women rights, Wildlife Conservation, Environment safety measures and a fire drill. 

The IAYP week was one of the most awaited time of the month. The students had put in hours of practice in polishing and refining the activities they were involved in.

The following were the components of the IYAP week: 

FIRE DRILL: Bijita Banik and her team did a splendid job in planning out the Fire Drill and ther various escape routes on the campus in case there was a fire. The students were given instructions regarding the evacuation of whichever building that catches fire at school. Safety measures were discussed in the morning assembly and the drill practice was carried out successfully in the evening.

INTER HOUSE POSTER MAKING COMPETITION: This was another very interesting completion in which the girls were seen battling to make the best ‘ELEPHANT CONSERVATION POSTER’ in order to bag the first position and continue the chase for Cock House Trophy. Ruby House came first .

THEATRE: The Theatrical performance given by the Batch of 2013-Avesta’13 brought tears to the eyes of many. The theme of the play was ‘WOMAN POWER’. The performance depicted the challenges that a women faces at some point or the other in her life. The exemplary performance of the cast received appreciation at their first shot to success. The play was directed by the IAYP In charge Arzoo Ali .

FLASHMOB: The job done by flash mob at school for the ‘GO GREEN’ Cause led by Aseese K. Grewal was commendable.

Bijita Banik, Aseese Grewal and Arzoo Ali were all awarded IAYP T- shirts for their in-creditable perfoemance in their respective fields. 

Gold Residential Project organized by Assam Valley School

‘Conserve Village Khonoma’  is a Residential Project being organised by Assam Valley School and Pabhoi Farm from 23rd to 29th December 2012. The Residential Project is now open for participants across the country. The trip will include activities like organic farming, gardening, conservation, visit to the sanctuary and farming practices. 

Interested individuals may get in touch with Ankit Durga ( or Ranjana Rai ( for more details and the itinerary.

Free eye check-up camp at The Moran Blind School, Moran

Gold award participants Tanushree Deorah and Archit Harlalkar of Assam Valley School helped organized the same.

It was a warm sunny afternoon on the 13th of January, 2012 when we visited The Moran Blind School where we, the students of The Assam Valley School – Archit Harlalka and myself,  helped organize a free eye check-up camp for the students under the guidance and supervision of the Chairman of the Lion K. K. Saharia Eye Hospital. 25 resident students benefited from this camp.

This camp had been conducted by Dr. Arundhati Tamuli, the chief medical officer at the Lion K. K. Saharia Eye Hospital. She was accompanied by two of the hospital staff who had volunteered for the camp as well. Necessary medicines were distributed amongst the children.

We got the privilege of interacting with the pupils there and they were very warm and welcoming. It would not be an over-statement if I said that we felt at home within just a few minutes of stepping into the school. Amidst a casual conversation with the children there, some of them even sang for us and it was amazing to see them all so happy and bubbly. It was an indescribable feeling when we could finally bring a cheerful smile on those innocent little faces. 

Tucked away in the green exuberance of the North –East, the Moran Blind School owned by Mr. Victor Banerjee and run by Principal, Mr. Buragohain, has a spectrum of dedicated staff who look after the all-round development of the children. The teachers, all well-versed in Braille, not only look after the children academically but also provide them with co-curricular activities so that they can be independent when they have to face the world. One such success story of the Moran Blind School has been immortalised in the documentary made by some children of our School in the early wake of November 2011 under the tutelage of Devraj Baruah and Kapish Karnani – “The Unseen Song” (provide link) . It tells the story of a boy who graduated from this school and is now not only doing academically well but is also practising tabla and thus living a content life. Though life was quite difficult for him, yet he remained undeterred and rose from the ashes and has established himself in the realm of life. This documentary truly sparked the fire in our bellies to lend a helping hand in every little way we could to help the children of the Moran Blind School.

This camp was a learning experience for both of us in many ways. It taught us the virtue of service and helped us to see beyond our own needs and requirements. It made us realise how we can always be happy and content with what we have, if only we stopped and thought about what we really have and how lucky we are to have all of it!  But, above all, the children of the Moran Blind School have taught us humility and how even the mundane things in life can be worth living for if only we have the courage and the will to persevere as life eventually unfolds new challenges at every turn. That day, we walked out of the school not only satisfied at having been a part of something that helped somebody else but also grateful that we had the chance to learn from them as they showed us how to see what lies beyond and that which is most important – humility and humanity.

At this juncture, where we stand as the “graduating” students, we often look back on those precious moments spent there and we cannot wait to get back to the students of the Moran Blind School and be in their warm company once again; to once again have that privilege to be a part of the experience that these brave students have as they take on one challenge at a time and make life a joyful experience as it is meant to be.

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- Submitted by Tanushree Deorah

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Report on T4T at Dhaka

by Chai Eng Dutta, Award Leader, Calcutta International School, Kolkata

Held from 5-7 October 2012 at Dhaka, the T4T was moderated by Rob Oliphant, Regional Programme Manager, Asia Pacific Office and was held at Heritage Restaurant, Dhaka. I was honoured to be the only foreign participant at the workshop.

The workshop primarily focused on promoting IAYP which is still called the Duke of Edinburgh's award (DEA) in Bangladesh and focused on a two-point agenda. Firstly, presenting The Award to different groups and secondly forming links with other organisations which follow a format very similar to the IAYP like BNNC, Scouts and Guides, Red Cross (called Red Crescent in Bangladesh), Universities Corporate organisations like banks and other multinationals.

In order to do any of the above effectively, we were instructed about our role and responsibilities as future Trainers and were taught the essentials of giving a good presentation through NAOME and TRAM CARS. We also learnt about different learning styles and what makes the current generation tick before we were put into groups and asked to present the different sections of the Award to different segments of society. The feedback which we got from Rob was very useful as was the feedback from other participants. All in all, this workshop was a fantastic training ground for me and it was wonderful to get an insight into how the award runs in another country.


Sign up for any of the following dates:

11-14 Oct 2012                Silver and Bronze Award
26-29 Dec 2012               Gold, Silver and Bronze Award
03-06 Jan 2013                Gold, Silver and Bronze Award
10-13 Jan 2013                Gold, Silver and Bronze Award

Contact Mr Gopal Krishan  (+91-9999423049 )

IAYP Gold Award Participant's Adventure Camp

- The Cathedral & John Cannon School - 

30 Gold Award participants of the Cathedral & John Cannon School started their Adventurous Journey to Karjat for a five day camp. The participants did various activities at camp including the Peth Fort Trek and trekking to Rajmachi Fort.Before the start of this Adventures Journey, there was a preliminary fitness checkup for all the participants and only those were selected who were found fit. 

The journey started on 24th October at 7.00 am through bus and the participants reached the Pine Wood Resort at Karjat at around 9.00 am.  After breakfast, the instructors briefed the students on camp schedule, code of conduct etc.  Refresher Session on rope knots and use of on Mountaineering Equipment was also done.  Students practiced the Net Climbing and Jummaring in the post lunch session.  In the evening students were asked to write their diaries and the session followed by team building games.  All participants stayed overnight at Karjat.

On 25th October, after breakfast the participants started for their trek to Peth Fort. They reached Peth village in the afternoon and visited the fort and had lunch at Peth Village and spent time to understand the village lifestyle.  Participants returned to the base camp in the evening and participated in the team building games before the dinner.

Third days started with sessions on rappelling, rock Climbing, commando rappelling, tent pitching, commando Obstacle Course etc., which were followed by the team building games in the evening. 

Next day the participants proceeded early morning for trek to Rajmachi Fort. They reached village Kondana at 08.30 hrs and left their main bags there.  28 particiapnts started their trek to Rajmachi and reached village Rajmachi by 12.30 hrs.   After lunch and some rest students were taken to explore the Rajmachi Fort and its pair of Citadels i.e. Manoranjan and Shrivardhan. Student enjoyed the village dinner and stayed overnight at Rajmachi village.

Last day the participants started their trek back to Kondana Village by 08:00 a.m.  Enroute the students also visited  Kondana Caves and reached to Kondana village in afternoon. After the lunch the participants departed for Mumbai and reached school by 16.45 hrs, thus completing the IAYP Adventurous Journey Camp.