Wednesday 2 February 2011

Football First "Kickoff to a healthy lifestyle"- Introducing new Award Partners

Today's young people face a challenge of staying physically fit in an era where technology has taken over with Wiis, PlayStations and other virtual games. With the mission to build character and develop skills, by getting young people to be outside, getting dirty (literally) through football training, a team of four leaders comprising of seasoned professionals and footballers conceived FootballFirst.

Their individual, school and league coaching programmes provide young footballers a fun environment to learn important life-skills, improve their skills through intensive coaching and match plays. FootballFirst strongly believes that team sports like football allow young people to learn social skills, deal with challenges, encourages them to take leadership roles within society, are a fun way for them to learn values and lessons of life, and most importantly helo young people to be well-rounded, confident and active individuals. Studies have even shown that participating in team sports improve the learning capabilities and performance of young people in schools in addition to instilling a drive to succeed at all times.

Using the latest international techniques customised to fit Indian needs, their programmes span over 9 months of the year, providing 60 or 90-minute lessons 2-3 times a week. The groups are small to provide individual training and guidance and through a league system, they ensure that every young person gets playtime regardless of their skill-level. FootballFirst are committed to implementing a quality, healthy and pleasurable football programme for all young people through partnerships with schools and other organisation.

The FootballFirst team
  • Chetan Mishra- an Economics/Engineering from Georgia Tech (USA), a footballer since a pre-teen and now pursuing International Coaching Course from Liverpool Football Club, England
  • Jeyadev Parthasarthy- An entrepreneurial and senior corporate management specialist with over 20 years of experience in design, building and leading complex public and private organizations. Has played football for the Delhi Soccer League, Durand and DCM Cups.
  • Bikram Singh Thockchom- With over 20 years of experience in Advertising and Sports
    Management, has managed Bhaichung Bhutia (current captain of the Indian football team) while
    working for IMG. As a qualified Youth Football Coach by AIFF (for youth up to 16 years) and India Advisor-Coerver Coaching India, he has has coached over 10,000 school level footballers in India and overseas.
- Information has been taken from the FootballFirst Booklet

Purkal Youth Development Society - Creating change agents in Rural India

The Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS) is a registered charity dedicated to enhancing the lives of disadvantaged rural youth through education and empowering women through skill development.

The PYDS program dates back to 1998, when GK Swamy first started tutoring four young students in English and Mathematics in his home. Mr. Swamy with his friends found several sponsors who were willing to fund their formal education and these four children were enrolled into a local English Medium Secondary School. The number of children seeking help swelled and in 2001, 29 students were participating in the sponsorship scheme and coming to Mr. Swamy’s house after school.

Formally launched in 2003, PYDS has grown rapidly and today has over 215 children under its care. Accommodation has moved from the Swamy’s house to a custom-built school campus in 2005.

PYDS provides young people in the rural community around to quality education, mentoring and learning, thus providing hope and control to become of transformational change in their society. This simple effort to provide at least these few underprivileged young people a healthy learning environment, no different from that available at many good schools in India. Young people get a sense of self – esteem and confidence to learn and excel, realize that poverty is nothing to be ashamed of and that they should respect and honor the culture and parentage that they come from. By helping them develop their inner talents and build confidence in their self, PYDS allows young people to overcome such barriers and reach their potential.

PYDS and Young adults: PYDS are committed to helping young adults discover talents and in providing for college education and work experience. Through vocational training and english speaking classes, PYDS successfully provides young adults to acquire knowledge and professional skill to leading professionals in the global market place.

PYDS believes that by strengthening capacities of young peoplethe youth in the community, generations of educated and healthy families can be created in the rural Uttaranchal region.

Most of the parents in this community are barely literate. None of them, even the wealthy few in the village, have had the advantage of a good education. They have therefore little idea of what education means and what it can do to change lives. Sadly, few parents are involved with the lives of their children. In this scenario, we are attempting to provide the example and mentorship that educated parents of successful children provide their children.

We believe that the capability of the families and the community also has an influence on the shaping of the individual. Highly educated and well-placed family and community members can raise the aspirations of future generations. They also act as mentors and role models, and can provide the influence that is often required to help their community access services and a good standard of living. The absence of these influences has made a significant difference in career achievements in this poor community.

Click know what young people at PYDS have to say.

The Award Asia Pacific Region forms a strategic alliance with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Social Development in Asia Pacific

Alliance for Social Development in Asia Pacific
A strategic alliance has been formed with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). The alliance will bring new opportunities for young people to connect and contribute to society – to become catalysts for positive change. ESCAP acts as the regional focal point for the World Programme of Action for Youth and as chair of the Asia-Pacific Interagency Group on Youth. Stakeholders have been invited to a consultation on the proposed project: The Network of Emerging Leaders in Asia and the Pacific to be held in Bangkok on 4th April 2011 on the lines of the Regional Board Meeting 2011 scheduled in New Delhi from 6th-9th April 2011.
- The January 2011 Asia Pacific e-newsletter

Sunday 30 January 2011

Coming On Board - IAA

The International Award for Young People, India (IAYP)
Member: The Duke of Edinburgh's Award International Association


The Award Programme Foundation (APF) is licensed by The Duke of  Edinburgh's Award International Association. APF has a Board of  Trustees and they appoint the National Director. The office of the National Award Authority (NAA), is in New Delhi and the National Award Authority has an advisory Governing Council. The Zones are represented on the Governing Council through the Chairpersons. 

The NAA  issues Operators Licenses to Zones, Corporate, Social / NGO bodies and other youth organisations. The Indian Special Projects are all licensed and supported by the NAA.

The four Zones in India i.e. North, South, East and West, administer the Award in the Schools, and serve the needs of the participants in the 14-18 ages. In addition the national office under the YES (youth engaging society) initiative partners with institutions, social bodies, universities and governments to help young people of the 14-25 ages participate in The Award Programme.

All the Zones and member schools are listed on the website at:

To learn more and partner for youth engaging society (YES), 
check out 

Coming-On-Board video may be viewed at

Welcome to call us on +91 11 26497154 or write to us at ''
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The Organization chart for IAYP, India

Indian Special Projects - Adventure in the Eastern Ghats

Panchlingashwar: landscape that has drifted from heaven

Special Projects  Expedition

IAYP gave us this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the expedition with ICNL (Institute of Climbers Nature Lovers) Kolkata.

Panchlingashwar is situated in Orissa, near Balasore. Forest and hills stay together in this grand Eastern-ghat mountain range. The forest here is called “Shimlipal”.  Elephants, porcupine, deer, hill-goat, shambar, squirrels etc  live here. Of course here lives the tiger too, but they don’t bother ICNL. They live in the core area of the forest and they don’t invite anyone. So, we did not go there.

Panchlingashwar is a piece of heaven that must have drifted from the kingdom of God. This land of rolling hills is inhabited by a proud race of villagers and wild creatures.The laziest individuals are converted into lively and highly energetic ones by rock-climbing, rappelling etc. Numerous walking trails in this region are a favourite with trekkers. Birds, bees, and butterflies are there to give you company. Wild cocks , squirrels, and monkeys keep a watchful eyes from the trees.

My students (Manav Vikas School- Jamshedpur) gained a little bit of knowledge about mountaineering and climbed some hills. We were sharing the thrilling experiences with some experienced climbers and they were briefing some of the difficulties they faced during the climbing of mountains. It was so interesting indeed.

The climb to Panchlingeshwar, which is in the eastern ghat mountain range of India brings you the panoramic view of the misty landscape. Panchlingeshwar temple is a bonus. The monks in red and yellow robes are amongst the many surprises that await the visitors searching for the heart and soul of India.

Kalyani Chakraborty
Award leader and teacher
Manav Vikas School (Indian Special Projects of IAYP India)
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