Saturday 21 January 2023

The Award in Action - Adventurous Journey at Oberoi International School - JVLR Campus, Jogeshwari East, Mumbai.

 The Phoenix has risen and finally landed!!

The first ever Adventurous Journey at OIS JVLR took place over the weekend of 2nd - 4th December, 2022. Award Participants themselves named the Adventurous Journey the ‘Rising of the Phoenix’ to recognise the first Adventurous Journey at the school since the pandemic.

All Award Participants had taken part in months of training and a very successful practice journey in November. We were supported by our activity partner, Jungle Lore, who had a set of experts and very experienced hikers. All hikes and camps took place in the Pune/Lonavala region. No two campsites were alike and as you can imagine the views were magnificent!

Award Leaders at the school were Lakmini Lee, Chris Lynn, Chandeen Santos, Pallavi Vartak, Antara Roy and Sneha Potnis. We collectively could not be prouder of our Award Participants pursuing The International Award for Young People.

A big shout out to our supportive parents and admin teams in helping organise these journeys.

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