Sunday 26 July 2009

The Award this Week

TATW top stories:
  • The Trustees meeting
  • Award Volunteers Meeting 26th July 2009
  • The Open Award Centre
  • The NTW Coimbatore - Train the Trainer
  • "Role of Volunteers" - New Delhi workshop

1. Trustees support the Development Plan

The most important event of the week was the Trustees meeting at Mumbai, held on the 22nd of July 2009. There was a broad consensus on the draft Development Plan. For this we need to thank all the members of the Award Programme Foundation Trust.

• Aim

Make IAYP, India a premier youth programme for inclusive social growth.

• How we will do this?

1. Set up Open Award Centres – to facilitate build up of Volunteers and encourage the participation of youth in the 18 - 25 age groups.

2. Programme inclusion by enrolling more students from vernacular / government schools, from the current near 375 largely private sector schools.

3. Raise the annual enrolments for the program from 15000 to 500,000 in Year 3 of operation

4. Set in place a mechanism for fund raising; have Friends of the Award.

5. Partner with other NGOs, Volunteer groups and even look at the PPP Model for build up. Use the CSR approach and the Community outreach.

6. Set up a national centre that can undertake training for volunteers and award leaders from India and the APAC (ASIA PACIFIC) region.


• The role out

1. Plan that raises enrolments in stages.

2. Set-up volunteer committees that comprise eminent personalities in the various streams.

3. Have in place one national centre.


• 1. Raise enrolment in stages

Year 1:

70,000 (set forth the seed in model government and vernacular schools; spend time in getting model right for mass implementation; work out sponsorships/ third party funding routes)

Year 2:

200,000 (massive rollout, focus on timely and accurate implementation on a mass scale)

Year 3:

500,000 (massive rollout)

This has to be broad based in terms of geography, mix of students, gender. Should not be heavily biased towards anyone area. Further the roll out will be at a measured pace and will be governed by the availability of resources. The APF welcomed the idea of NLO - National License Operators and encouraged the NAA to build the programme on a franchise model with partner bodies.

• 2. The select volunteer committees

A. Industry
B. Brand and Communication
C. Educationists

• A. Industry

Representatives from one or two industry bodies such as CII, TiE etc., banking industry (SBI)

The Industry body will communicate with their member/affiliate network in procuring assignments for the volunteers across different industries/service firms as well as tap on to the CSR initiatives of different business entities across India.

Need to create programs that dovetail into organisations. For example -- SBI is big on rural banking and reaches out to many communities in far off areas. Plan specifically for SBI so that they can absorb students in bulk.

• B. Brand and Communication

Youthful Brand ambassadors that are publicly known who actually completed the course, Branding and Communication specialists including those in non English streams, one or two large media houses that can provide coverage for free across regional media.

The Brand and Communication team will be responsible for creating brand awareness of IAYP, keeping a strong communication with existing enrolments to further awareness within the student community, work on media coverage across modes of media, create content namely brochures/pamphlets to reach out to government/vernacular schools in the latter language.


• C. Educationists

Eminent hardworking educationists; who have the clout / connect with leading government / private education systems. The Educationists will be people who are well connected to schools across different geographies and can open doors for you. This has to dovetail into the numbers/geographies that you are tapping in the strategy highlighted above.

• 3. The National Centre
The centre has to be one fixed place that is needed 365 days a year, but at start could NOT be a fixed place; can be used as and when the need arises for a program.


2. Meeting of the Delhi AV Team

Award Volunteers Team scheduled for today, 26th July 2009 at Barista, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001. Excitement in the air, and expect a good response.


Make an Executive Team and nominate Award Leaders for colleges

Work on the AHA (Award Holders Association) formation

Workshop plan - ROLE OF VOLUNTEERS

Events and opportunities for the Award Volunteers

Discuss the idea of the Award Holders Summit in December 2009 at British Council


3. National Workshop at Coimbatore

9-11 October 2009. The venue is Chinmaya International School.



Participation in Coimbatore:

Total 30 = North, West & East will have 5 each, 5 for NAA and 10 for South

30 numbers includes faculty and trainers (NAA 5 will cover that).

The faculty will have two Award Volunteers, two trainers and one Director.

The Trustees of the APF have nominated the National Director to be the QA (Quality Assurance) Member on the trainer’s faculty, for the Coimbatore workshop.

The Zones are free to decide the five participants and may need to do rail bookings ASAP. Zones to please start the search for the 5 participants in each zone. The South will have 10 nominations.


4. Role of Volunteers

NAA will conduct an add-on session to the Coimbatore Workshop in Delhi and focus on "Role of Volunteers". The workshop will help draft the Volunteer Management Policy.

This initiative is being chaired by Mrs. Lata Vaidyanathan and Malini will help in execution please.

 The AV Team and partner agencies will work together; the event will be in September 2009

5. Regional Training Workshop

Nominations called for RTW 2009 in November, last date is 1st Sept 2009.

 Asia Pacific Regional Training Workshop, New Delhi India, 23-29 November 2009

 Theme: Define The Future. The Award and National Development.

RTW will carry forward youth engaging in society, an umbrella challenge for the Region 2009-10.

1. Format & Key Topics

The RTW will incorporate group work, case studies, presentations and subject matter experts on how to best engage and add value to these six (6) sectors:


Local community



NGO/international sector


2. The Participants (Selection Criteria)

The participants sought for RTW2009 will have to be experienced hands and individuals with roles in policy, administration and youth engagement in the Zones.

We are seeking participants with a demonstrated interest and/or involvement in extending the Award into the wider community to meet a higher need.

The RTW 2009 participants from each Zone (two per zone) will work in six pre-selected groups. Each delegate will be asked to give inputs as a part of the RTW2009 registration process, and be involved in one or more of the six sectors and area of particular interest. The need for previous experience is important.


6. The NAA plan for 2009-10

August 09 - Open Award Centre, Delhi

September 09 - Role of Volunteers, workshop at Delhi

October 09 - Train the Trainer, Workshop at Coimbatore (9-11 October)

November 09 - Regional Training Workshop at New Delhi

December 09 - Award Holders Summit

January 10 - Annual National Workshop, host South Zone at Ooty

February 10 - Award partners meeting at Delhi

March 10 - proposed National Directors Strategic Alliance meeting.

7. Facebook and the website

 We now have 285 fans and friends on Facebook. (

 Website is building up and we are now ready to accept advertisements for

 Your blog offers information and updates


 8. PR and Meetings this week

21st July: CCS School, Mumbai - meeting of the Zone representatives with the National Director

22nd July: The APF Trustees meeting in Mumbai

22nd July: Archanna Das, VP HSBC Team to work on partnering for the 18-25 employees.

22nd July: Aparna Dubey an award holder in Mumbai, to brainstorm and work on business development.

23rd: Tel con with HSBC Team and the International Council Brand Task Force

25th: Informal meeting with Sir Richard Stagg the British High Commissioner in India. Hon'ble HC offered full support and assured us use of services of the  British Council for the developement of IAYP.

9. What is in store next week?

Visit of National Director to London for the IC Brand Task Force and a visit to the International Secretariat. Followed by a two day stop over to catch breath in Dubai!

More from Dubai next Sunday....Cheers!



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