Saturday 18 July 2009

AV Team Meeting

Hello fans and friends... this was real fun!

The first meeting of the AV (Award Volunteers) Team at the National Office was the best part of my first quarter as National Director. Thank you Mehaak, Saachi, Kritika and Devyani... for meandering through the lanes of Shahpur Jat in search of the rather elusive office!!!

Priyank has promised to put the location map of the Office on the website and we will need to put this on our FACE BOOK page too, to save the passionate volunteers from a test in orienteering and map reading.

Devyani did the first briefing and has worked hard for this first step, to build the AV Team in Delhi. The adventurous four set out to discover why they were here! We delved a little deeper and found all were here to have FUN :)

The Award Concept explained.
The role of Volunteers discussed.
Movie on the Award Concept screened.

Way ahead...
1. Mehaak @ Hans Raj College, Saachi @ St. Stephens and Kritika @ LSR all set out to introduce the Award in the respective Colleges.
2. The next meeting due on the 26th of July 2009.
3. Orientation to be fixed in the colleges.
4. In August the OPEN AWARD CENTRE to commence with a workshop on 'Role of Volunteers'

More fun until then, and hope with commitment and leadership thrown in too.

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