Sunday 23 August 2009

Agenda for the Meeting of Volunteers at SACAC

We all meet on Sunday 23rd at 4 PM Sri Aurobindo Society, on road to Qutab Institutional area, from Adchini.

Need to separate Volunteers and Participants.

THE PARTICIPATION - Open Award Centre Team
Saachi ...will head the participation initiative, and Shloka will mentor.
The launch of Open Centre fixed for 5th Sept 09.

THE VOLUNTEERS - the Award Office Team
Kritika / Freya will captain the Volunteer imitative and the Volunteers of the Office will chip in.

We need to set up volunteer groups / projects:

1. Training ???

2. Communication - Shloka to take care of this.

3. Open Award Centre - Saachi will handle this.

4. Event Management - ???

5. Web and IT - Priyank is doing this, will need volunteers

6. Programme development - ???

7. Fund raising - ???

8. Alumni - Rohit to head this

9. Partnering - with corporate and social organizations

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