Tuesday 29 July 2014

Online Record Book (ORB)

The International Online Record Book is the new online system to help participants, leaders and assessors doing, delivering and assessing the Award.

Integrating online, email, mobile and, in the future, social networking communities, the International Online Record Book gives the entire global Award community greater connection with each other while making it easier to do and deliver the Award.


  • Accessible via the internet anywhere, any time
  • Easy to use and offers cross-user interaction for a variety of users
  • Participant progress is tracked with a percentage so they can feel a sense of achievement throughout the entire process
  • All records are stored in a secure, convenient place
  • Provides reporting and search functionality
  • Reduces paperwork
  • A multi-lingual system
  • As it is web based, it does not require users to install any software
  • Based on the International Award Leader Handbook and participant's Record Book
The unique service the International Online Record Book offers is the opportunity for Award participants to: 
  • Accurately track their achievements whilst doing their Award, uploading video and images to record key events
  • Develop their interpersonal skills
  • Connect with adult mentors who can help develop their skills and improve their life chances
Important requirements for ORB:
  • Schools interested in ORB should give us a written consent, for sample consent form please contact priyank@dofe.in .
  • Schools should use its official IDs to register as YES Centre instead of award leaders id, this is a mandatory requirement.

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