Tuesday 22 July 2014

Learning from the people of Ismailpur Kothey

Jodhamal Public School organized a Residential Project for Gold Award participants under International Award for Young People at village Ismailpur Kothey in Jammu & Kashmir.

The Residential Project gave the participants a shared purposeful experience with people who are not their usual companions; working towards a common goal. It was an experience that broadened participants’ outlook and horizons.

Seventeen Gold participants started the project under the guidance of Award leaders namely Ms Shallu Sharma & Ms Deepmala Sharma and also a local guide Mr Tulsi.  The participants stayed there in village with the local families and lived their life in the way locals did. They cooked food, did cleaning jobs etc as the villagers did. They visited villager’s work place that is fields, brick kiln and their dairy farms, they also visited dispensary of village and enquired about the health facilities provided by government in the village. In the free time the participants used to play different games with the village kids. During the night stay the participants used to teach adult people in village and narrated value based stories to the kids in very interesting manner.

During this project participant learnt a lot about the village life, culture and tradition and came back with unforgettable memories. This project was an enriching experience for them which they will carry forward throughout their life . The award has brought a lot of change in the attitude of the children and we can see a sea change in their attitude towards the under privileged people in the society.

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