Wednesday 14 October 2015

My visit to an orphanage

Alice Saha, Bronze  participant from Miles Bronson Residential School, Guwahati shares her wonderful learning experience

Human behavior is determined by two faces - physical and social - that humans are trying to understand and maintain since time immemorial. Being benevolent is one of the distinguished characteristics of our existence. This world is vast and we are the members of a big family. Thus inclusive education teaches us to include one and all in the system where there is no discrimination. As privileged children we need to embrace the marginalized members of society, spread awareness and bring a smile to their faces. With this mission in mind, a group of students from class 11 visited the St. Claret's Convent orphanage in the month of September 2015.

It's a great learning experience. During our visit we could feel that the orphanage authority takes good care of the children there. They looked very happy and satisfied. The most remarkable point is that these children receive quality education besides their daily requirements. They are very presentable and friendly and we enjoyed our chat with them. We took lots of chocolates, pencils, erasers and note books for them. We also tried to liven the mood by singing and dancing with them.

Truly, it was mentally satisfying to see the smiles that our small act of kindness could bring to their faces. I met a girl, Afrina, 8 years old, who taught me the lesson that strong determination can direct one to face all the odds in life. At such a small age she has already fixed her goal. She wants to become a teacher. Her life situation has made her strong and resilient and she is making the best use of the resources provided by the orphanage.

We are very lucky that MBRS has provided us with such opportunities of community service. Our visit to the orphanage was a new experience for us. I thank God for blessing us with wonderful parents and pray these orphans too find a better world tomorrow.Click for pictures

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