Wednesday 23 January 2013


18th - 19th January 2013

The First YES Training workshop of 2013, was held at Award Training Centre, New Delhi from 18th to 19th January 2013.  The workshop was attended by Award leaders of Birla High School, Kolkata; JMK International School, Pathankot; DSB International School, Mumbai and Jodhamal Public School, Jammu.  Bivujit Mokhoty and Manu Mehrotra from the National Training Panel facilitated the training to the delegates. 

The ice-breaking session was started by Kapil Bhalla, National Director.  He briefed about the Award Programme and explained the need of YES workshop to the Award Leaders.  During this session the Award Leaders expressed their expectations what they were looking from this workshop and how they will use the same for the developing and expending the award. Most of the Award Leaders came with an aim to get more knowledge about the programme to be used in their respective fields and curriculum.   Award leaders from JMK International School were looking for the opportunities to use this programme in the Sports and developing the skills among the students, while delegate from DSB International School was looking forward to use the Award within the "IB" allowing children to hit certain 'CAS' criteria.  The Award Leaders from Birla High School and Jodhamal Public School had come with aim to get more knowledge about the Award to explore new Challenges that students can face during participation.

Over two days all the four sections of Award - Skill, Service, Physical Recreation, Adventurous Journey, and Residential Projects for Gold participants, were thoroughly covered. There was a session on Visual Identity and on brand pack.  All sections were covered with interactive presentations along with the activities which helped in the understanding of processes and procedures.  

The training sessions were concluded with a presentation from Ankit Durga on the benefits from the Award to Award Participants and the same was highly appreciated by the delegates.  The delegates also benefited with various Award Video's which helped delegates to understand the soul of Award.  This workshop becomes an important platform for Award Leaders to imbibe detailed knowledge of the Award, get their queries answered and interact with the NAA team.  Click to see the photographs of the workshop 

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