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The Award Weekly - 02 January 2013

  Vol V, Issue 1                                The Award Weekly                                    02 January 2013
A report from Mrs. OMP Singh, Award Leader, Jain International Residential School, Bangalore
We at Jain International Residential School believe very strongly in the community service. The Gold and Silver Award Participants take up a variety of activities as a part of the Service Section of the Award.
Lunch Time at the Trimurti School for the Blind
Our Award Participants visit the school for the blind every week, once a day, after classes. They help the cafeteria staff to serve children food at lunchtime. It gives our students great pleasure to interact with the students of the Trimurti School and with time many of them have formed a strong bond of friendship.

Skill Building at the Trimurti School for the speech impaired and the differently abled
Our Award Participants who have an interest in art help children learn painting and assist in other art and craft activities. Award Participants who are qualified in music help students learn to play various musical instruments. This interaction has not only honed the skills of the students at the Trimurti School but also of the Award Participants. The Award Participants have come up with an innovative idea of putting these paintings and other selected art works for sale in our school’s annual exhibition. This will help generate awareness as well as money for the Trimurti School.

Old Age Home
Our Award Participants help the senior citizens at the old age home in the village nearby. They visit them once a week and both the students and their elderly friends look forward to their weekly meeting. The students spend time assisting the old age home residents in their routine chores and also take them to the hospital for health check ups.   Click for the more pictures

A note from Mrs. Neeta Bali, Principal, G D Goenka World School, Gurgaon
At G D Goenka World School, we introduced the Award about two years ago, hoping to engage our students in meaningful activities which would help them channelize their energies in a creative manner and there has been no looking back, with more and more students jumping on to the bandwagon.

Students' creative potential actualized in multiple ways. With the silver participants bringing out CASMAX --e-magazine showcasing CAS and IYAP activities and "Gworld. Me"-- a forum for IGCSE and IB students with over 200 registered users including teachers where a free sharing of ideas and information happens and not to miss the juicy gossip that keep everyone logged in . Cooking and gardening too, found a place with boys donning the aprons, when they wouldn't touch a culinary tool at home. Dance, Drama, Music -- these three creative pursuits resulted in three school Bands with very enthusiastic performers trying to outperform each other. In the area of Physical Recreation -- Swimming, Soccer, Squash, cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis saw energetic participation. A majority of the kids have become fit by taking up Gym as their physical recreation for a minimum period of 3 months. The Service segment saw the School 4 School programme (teaching the underprivileged children) with three Community schools in the neighborhood, Clean up the world campaigns, Blood Donation Camps and volunteering with various NGO's.

In these two years 64 students have completed the Bronze and Silver Awards and a big group of over a hundred students are working towards the different levels. The Award coordinator in school has also motivated the school life guard to register for the Gold level and to further strengthen the ties with the community, the school is supporting 35 students from the community school to work their way through the Award.

The Award philosophy has helped the students develop new skills and cultivate a new mindset. The leisure time of students has been used and their energy has been channelized constructively, giving our students a sense of worthiness and raising their self esteem. We at Goenka have also introduced the position of an IAYP Secretary in the school core student council.

ALUMNI DATABASE OF THE INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, INDIATo provide the various opportunities for Award Units, YES Centers and Award Holders, the NAA is working towards building an Alumni database. This will help us get in touch with potential candidates for international events and reach out to young people regarding the volunteering and internship opportunities available at the NAA from time to time. A Gold Award Completion Form has been developed that needs be filled in by Award participants before submitting their Diaries and Record Books to their Award Leaders. A copy of the form is available online. All Award Units and Leaders are encouraged to make Gold Award participants fill the form so as to become a part of the database and avail various opportunities. Please get in touch with the National Team for more details. Click here to download the form

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION- AWARD LEADERS & AWARD PARTICIPANTS This is to inform all Award Participants who have completed their Award level requirements before 31st December 2010 (and have not submitted their Award Record Books) to submit their Record Books and Diaries to the National Award Authority before 31st December 2012 so the records can be considered and awarded where applicable. Please note that any Award Diary/ Record Book with entries before 31st December 2010 would be considered only after a fresh registration and fee if submitted after 31st December 2012. Schools are advised to clear any backlogs of pending Award applications.


The National 
Award Office at Shahpur Jat now boasts of a fully equipped Training Centre and an equipped facility for staff members, interns and volunteers. Friends and alumni of the Award are welcome to drop by to know more or get involved.

Updated phone numbers

National Award Authority Office in Delhi
Phone : +91 11 4108 7062 and Telefax : +91 11 26497164.

Programme Manager - Bivujit Mukhoty
Mob: +91 9310133900
Communications Manager- Ankit Durga
Mob: +91 9899293617
, email:
The National Award Authority is keen to involve Gold Award Holders and Participants in reaching out to schools and institutions across the country. Award alumni all over the world are involved in strategic planning and development of the Award in their own communities. Important events like the International Gold Event take place once every three years to bring international alumni together and share best practices. The next IGE is in South Korea in 2014. Additionally, all participants and Award Holders should approach the NAA for Volunteering and Internship opportunities. Schools may send across articles and writeups by their students for publishing in The Award Weekly and Award India magazine. For more details please get in touch with Ankit Durga at

The LONDON INTERNATIONAL YOUTH SCIENCE FORUM-2013, is a two week residential forum held at IMPERIAL COLLEGE-LONDON that attracts over 350 of the world’s leading young scientists, aged 16-21 years, from more than 60 participating countries, including the top prize winners from the European union contest for young scientists 2012. For registrations please mail or visit

Travel to learn is also pleased to offer a specially designed ‘PLAYER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM’ organised by the MANCHESTER UNITED SOCCER SCHOOL. The programme offers 5 days of Technical & Tactical Training Comprising of Skills Challenges + Class Room Sessions + Individual Player Evaluation all of which will enable you to play the United way. Players Registrations are invited for Programs in the following Age Groups: 9 to 12 years & 12 to 16 years. For Registrations mail or visit

Click for more information 

YOUTH ENGAGING SOCIETY (YES) Welcoming new institutions to the Youth Engaging Society (YES) Family
We welcome Vikash Bharati School, Gorakhpur as new YES Centre, and wish them every success. Our YES Centres in India are strategic allies in promoting the all-inclusive growth of The Award. Click for updated list
Q. Are regular school hours counted for participation?
A. No, regular school timetable work does not count for Award participation. What matters is work and contribution outside the curriculum.

EVENTS IN FOCUS- Contact the Comms Team for details 
  • 18th - 19th January 2013 : YES Training Workshop 1 at Award Training Centre, NAA Office, New Delhi
  • 25th - 28th January 2013 : APF and ASOP Project Adventure Camp for 2nd Batch at Tickling Rocksport camp site. Contact Bivujit Mukhoty, Programme Manager, IAYP 

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