Wednesday 30 January 2013


Shubhankar is a third year student of Anthropology at Delhi University. He received his Gold Award at the Gold Award Annual Ceremony in April 2012.  Shubhankar shared his Award experience in conversation with Ankit Durga.

Award Experience

The Award was a great experience as I gained recognition for my skills and other co-curricular activities. It was a great boost to my confidence as it made me try new things. During the Award I got to learn several life skills which helped in developing my personality like time management, team work and problem solving. 

The Favourite Section
My favourite section was the residential project. It was a life changing experience as i lived in a remote village in Himachal, amongst a totally different community and worked for their upliftment. The village was located in the Kangra District and is known by the name of Jhikar. I worked in Jhikkar and several other villages nearby to promote a total sanitation drive, waste disposal systems and development of traditional organic farming techniques. I believe that the educated youth are the vehicles of development for any nation and should work for sustainable development and community upliftment because only a balanced development is true development. 

Life After Gold
The journey after Gold has been great. I am now a part of the alumni and look forward to becoming an Award leader soon and promote the Award. After Gold Award I am open to so many new opportunities like becoming an international youth representative, volunteer with the Award office and help more and more youth to become a part of this great journey. I would highly recommend the Award to every young person as it helps make a positive impact on their community by volunteering.
It helps one in realising their full potential and a very comprehensive development of ones personality.

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