Wednesday 30 January 2013


Award participants of Cambridge International School, Phagwara shared their IAYP experience

We the students of Cambridge International School got an opportunity to be the part of the IAYP. According to us, it is not just an award but much more than that, ‘An amazing opportunity to move forward from curious to confident, skilled and thriving and dedicated to the needy.’

It is the inspiration that has motivated us to redirect our lives. Being typical Punjabis we were brought up in easy and totally depended environment. Who had time to help others? But, last summers our life changed.

We visited a place where the laborers reside with their families. They came from far away villages. From the conversation with them we came to know about their pattern of their village life.

We noticed that in their houses they don’t have water taps and electricity which are the basic requirements of life. Their houses are kachcha and very small. They use kerosene lanterns and firewood for preparing food. They work on roads, buildings, houses as laborers. They work for daily wages which is not sufficient for their family. The laborers who are married their only dream was to make their children educated.

We people never realize the sufferings of these workers. These people do not have any choices in their life; they eat what they get and whatever it is in their budget. They have no choices in their life but are happy with it.

IAYP gave us a prospect to turn from normal citizen to a good citizen, so that we could fulfill our duties as a human being and give back to the society to our own heart’s content. So we decided to adopt that slum area.

We often visit them and have stared the project “Each one Teach one” We can’t make them rich but can spend time with them teach them and give them healthy surroundings in order to enable them to secure footing in life. We teach them drawing, coloring and help them learn good things.

Last week we did a play for them to teach them the importance of hygiene. We are planning to teach them dance and music also so that it might help them in their future.

We strongly believe that sense of community and responsibility for other is not just confined to the classroom: indeed it is beyond self, ‘beyond own ethnic groups. We had a glimpse of the REAL world and, are glad that we are in this secure shell of IAYP.

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