Wednesday 7 March 2018

IAYP helped me see a new world

Bonnya Soren, a Gold Award holder from Sri Sarada Math, Baladbandh, sharing her life after Gold experience with us.

It was like a dream when I emerged for the very first time from all the barriers in my life. I belong to the tribal society in a remote village named Panisheola in Hooghly district. It was not easy for me to continue my Award journey, as girls are not allowed to do anything independently here. But when I started my Bronze level a new window opened in my life; very slowly I started believing in positive power and discovered a new confidence in myself. I faced many social hazards, but I didn't stop my journey. I completed my Gold Award in the year 2017 and in this year I got married at the age of 19. I thought now there is no hope for me in the Award. Lots of questions coursed through my mind: how can I convince my husband? how can I describe Award to my in-laws, and so on. But being a Gold Award holder I am confident and understand the utilities of the Award especially for girls. So I started a new journey in my new family, keeping a flag "IAYP India" in my hand. And at last I got success. My in-laws, husband and all my relatives are convinced by the new thoughts and visions of the Award Programme and I got another chance to start my journey as an instructor. Now I am not only a Gold Award Holder, but I am also a leader of my village. I participated in the camp of Matha Hills which was held from 13th Feb to 18th Feb, 2018 as a leader. I think I created an example for the tribes group in my village and it will help the next generation for developing their career in a new path. I am grateful to Sri Sarada Math Rasik Bhita and IAYP, India for giving me full support and helping me to see a new world that I couldn't even dream of before.

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