Wednesday 28 March 2018


Literature: A collective experience of humanity

Award participants from DPS Megacity, Kolkata took part in a mega event on Literature called MEGALIT 2017. Atanu Chatterjee, Award Leader, is sharing a report of the event.

Adhering to the unique tradition of imparting and upholding knowledge through innovations and first-hand experiences, DPS Megacity, Kolkata, ushered in the second version of MEGALIT 2017 on the 8th and 9th of November, 2017 -- an educational initiative undertaken with the active collaboration of the Management, our respected Principal Mrs Indrani Sanyal, the teachers and the students. The Award participants who were actively involved witnessed the august presence of acclaimed contemporary Indian authors as Mr Ravinder Singh, Ms Devika Rangachari, Ms Harshikaa Udasi, Ms Swati Sengupta, Ms Deepa Agarwal, Ms Roopa Pai, Mr Rustom Dadachanji, Ms Priya Kuriyan, Ms Nandhika Nambi, Ms Natasha Sharma, Mr Terry O Brien, Ms Sharada Kolluru, Ms Anjum, Mr Zac O’Yeah and Ms. Bijal Vachharajani.

Through their versatility and interactive deliberations the visionaries encouraged the Award participants in an unhindered and uninhibited pursuit of honing their reading, comprehending and writing skills by exemplifying their own personal passion for literature.

Intending to assist the students to discover new ways of enriching their sensibilities, enabling them to achieve the status of ‘careful observers, critical thinkers and curious learners’ the mega event successfully culminated. Click here for the pictures

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