Wednesday 15 January 2014


A report from Sangita Christopher (Award Leader, O. P. Jindal School, Raigarh)

O.P. Jindal School, Raigarh celebrated their Annual day from 12th to 14th December 2013. The three-day event included the Annual Sports Day, Annual Exhibition and Annual Cultural Meet where the Award participants actively took part in all the events. On 12th December the Award aspirants took part in many exciting programmes like mass drill on Jindal Empowerment, Yoga, Laziums and the Chhattisgarhi dance. The 13th of December was celebrated as Annual Exhibition - 2013 to enhance the scientific temperament among the students. Award participants exhibited various projects related to Scientific, Mathematics, Numismatics, Hobbies, Clay modelling, Rangoli, Ikebana, Sports and Career Guidance. The exhibits revealed the outstanding work done by the Award participants and the Award leaders who are committed to developing international dimensions in the curriculum. The Annual Cultural Meet - 2013 was held on 14th December 2013 in the Auditorium. Showcasing the great Indian cultural heritage was the hallmark of the presentation in which the Award participants actively participated. Click for the pictures

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