Wednesday 13 May 2015

Bronze Level Adventure Camp at Wangini

The Bronze Level aspirants of Lodha World School, Thane went for an adventure camp to Wangini near Matheran.  The purpose of the camp was to allow the participants to learn as well as to try their hand in adventure activities. The trip was scheduled for five days from the 7th to the 11th of April 2015. 

The morning session for four days began at 07.00 am. Breakfast was followed by adventure activities which the participants looked forward to.  During these four days the participants went through Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Hurdles, Jungle Gym, Raft building, Rowing, Flying Fox, Archery and Shooting.

The participants said that they found the experience thrilling and challenging. Some of them were very excited that they had managed to climb the 50 foot tower. They took great pleasure in aiming straight at the target and trying their hand at shooting. One of the participants remarked that 'Fear is like fire, it will burn till you fuel it', and these activities have helped them overcome some of their fears. 'When we made the rafts and went rowing we realized the amount of strength we have in our hands,' said one of the girls. They also remarked that they learned to work as a team.

Every day the participants returned to help in the kitchen. They took turns to prepare a dish under the guidance of the staff. The participants treated their classmates and teachers to a variety of tasty dishes such as pulav, mixed vegetable sabji, chole puri, etc. It was a proud moment for the participants when they showcased their culinary skills. 

In the evening, the participants played a number of interesting games which required both skill and presence of mind. At night they were taken for a silent walk to the river bank for star gazing. Wangini is a place where astronomy camps generally come to carry out star gazing activities. 

The participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly, lying on the rocks and reveling in the silent murmur of the river -- an experience which according to them will always remain etched in their memory, as it is not one which they could dream of experiencing in Mumbai.

The camp provided wholesome experiences, where participants learnt to work in a team, coordinating with each other and mutually sharing responsibilities.  They continually kept motivating their friends who had certain fears. The activities like making their own raft and rowing taught them the need to work in a systematic and responsible manner.  The culinary activities brought forth their ability to divide and delegate the different tasks, ensuring that they turned out excellent and tasty food.  Surely the camp gave them opportunities to imbibe the values needed to become effective Leaders of Tomorrow in keeping with the motto of Lodha World School, Thane.

On the last night, before they started off for Thane, a bonfire and dance was organised.  The participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly and the trip ended on a high note for all of them. They are sure to look forward to more such adventure trips. This will also motivate them to seek the Silver Level of the IAYP too.   Click for pictures

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