Wednesday 10 April 2013


Ashwini, Bronze Participant of Sarla Birla Academy shares her experience

Everybody loves tasty food. And what I learnt on my trek was that when you cook food yourself in a cooking adventure, it tastes even better! Cooking is a skill. One must know how to cook and what are the necessary ingredients needed to make that recipe.  

Indian food is famous and there are Indian restaurants all over the world. Even back in the 14th century the popularity of Indian ground spices led to it being imported by many western countries. Kerala produces one of the best spices. Traditional Indian food is very aromatic and full of ground spices. Every state has its own traditional recipe. From North to South and East to West we can see thousands of different and delicious dishes. North India has Mughal influence whereas East has Chinese influence. We can also see that foreign countries have a lot of impact on our Indian food. One of the examples is America and its fast food restaurants in India like McDonalds, KFC, PIZZA HUT, DOMINOS AND AMERICAN PIZZA.

Cooking isn't a really easy job one must need patience to cook food! We should know the right technique to cook food and method. But cooking isn't a rocket science! During one of my trips to Nagarhole in Karnataka for the trek, we cooked simple Indian food - Dal with Rice - on the cooking gas which was available. It was my first experience to cook and to learn what the quantity and requirements for cooking are. All my friends enjoyed it and said it tasted perfect. I feel cooking is an art or skill to make the food tasty and loving. 

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