Wednesday 24 April 2013


The Sanskar Valley School: 22nd - 29th March 2013

53 Award participants from The Sanskar Valley School, Bhopal completed their Adventurous Journey from 22nd - 29th March 2013.  The group comprised 17 girls and 36 boys, a combination of students in residence as well as day scholars. The composition of the students, a combination of students in residence as well as the day scholars was as heterogeneous as the different legs of the entire journey. Unavoidable was the cultural comparison between the soils of Bhangra, the heart of India that is M.P. and the chills of Himachal. The transition from the plains to the hills, from the deciduous to the coniferous was magical and a complete visual learning.

We arrived at 'Manu Allaya' a resort in the Himalayas, on March 23, 2013. The resort is located 600 mtrs north of Manali on the road to Rohtang Pass. The resort lies on the hill-top overlooking the river Beas and snow covered Himalayan Ranges. We were lucky to witness snowfall. It was a chilly morning which sharpened the students’ appetites for an adventure to the outdoors. 

A sunny morning on the 25th motivated us to give up our comforts to get close to nature. We camped on the banks of the river Beas. A trek of 4kms was the first warm up to gear up for some more exciting adventures ahead. At the end of the trek, we visited a monastery where we saw the doctrines of Buddhism depicted in the inevitable wheel of life based on 'Karma'.

Rappelling got the adrenalin flow high with everybody doing their best!! Dancing to the tunes of the latest melodies the chill night was warmed up around the bonfire where students shared their experiences. Sleeping bags were an effective retreat for the tired only to be regimentally up by 6:00 a.m. for a long trek into the woods (around 5kms). It was 26-03-13 and some more adventure in the form of flying fox and river crossing proved thrilling as the tedious exercise only left the students asking for more. A rope tied from one bank of the river Beas to the other was the only support for the teams which had to cross. The activity was first displayed effectively by the instructors Mr. Atul Chamoli and Mr. Himani Das in order to boost the confidence level of the students. The students were instructed on the theoretical aspect of pitching a tent which they later had to demonstrate practically. The day at the camp ended with an exciting match of tug-of-war.

Yes it was the 27-03-13 and the Solang Valley was to be explored in the rented snow friendly attire where skiing, snow fights, paragliding and snow scooters were the major attraction. 
Manu temple and the temple of Rishi Vashisht was the visit planned for the 28-03-13.Some factory outlets where shawls and other winter wear were manufactured were also visited at Kullu on the way back by road.

Everything that has a beginning comes to an end....
"A memorable, cherish able dream
A dream which spelt the actualities 
A dream which nourished a desire to live 
To live and appreciate nature and challenge the unchallenged
To give oneself a moment to identify the metal within..."

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