Wednesday 26 September 2012

Service and its Impact

Bronze Awardee, Harsh Agarwal , shares with us how the service he undertook while pursuing his bronze award changed his life

Capturing something means creating your identity, which symbolizes your presence. When a photographer captures the things which are overlooked and not demanded by the general public are then only preferred to be the art works for the purpose of decorum for their houses. Indications get inclined towards giving life to the neglected. For a photographer it’s not only about colors or objects in particular but what matters from the wider perspective is the whole subject.

Similarly our lives throw situations upon us, which puts us forward to care for the world as the whole. Despite judging human race, it’s more a matter of extending a helping hand to the needy like Tibetan Refugees, whom I helped throughout in weaving the coat materials and also sieving the food grains. It was an immense pleasure for me. It filled my heart to the core during those days. It was intellectually engaging and an eye-opening learning experience for me. Those days made me realize the actual value of life. That is, the place where life truly prevails and humans interact.

I observed a very silent atmosphere which pushed me to think that people care for each other and so a new habitat for them inexistence.

Thank You Indian Award For Young People for showering this opportunity on me.

You proved that-“Born of emotions has a source behind it.--Harsh”

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