Friday 29 September 2023

The Award In Action—Pinegrove School, Dharampur

Report by Ms. Ujala Chauhan, Pinegrove School. Dharampur

In a collaborative effort, Award participants from Pinegrove School Dharampur under the Aasmaan project organized a Rakhi Weekend initiative on 29th August, 2023. The aim was to sell handmade rakhis and raise funds for two dedicated support staff members to help alleviate their medical challenges.

Almost 200 young people from various classes, participated in crafting beautiful handmade rakhis, imbued with care and empathy. These rakhis were tangible expressions of the blossoming talents and core values found within Pinegrove's walls. The initiative, not only aimed to raise funds but also to foster a sense of community and purpose.

Parents, Students, and Faculty Members approached the display of rakhis with twinkling eyes. Everyone displayed remarkable enthusiasm for this initiative. The rakhis, which were not assigned a fixed price, received an overwhelming response, connecting hearts rather than pockets. The lack of fixed pricing allowed for flexible contributions based on individuals' willingness and capacity to give.

The success of this initiative highlights the great power of collective action with a shared purpose.

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