Friday 22 September 2023

The Award In Action—BGES School, Kolkata

Report by Bronze Award participant, BGES School, Kolkata.

Everybody loves tasty food, isn’t it? Through my experience with cooking as part of the skill section of The International Award for Young People, I've come to realize that food prepared by your own hands tastes even more delightful! Cooking is a skill that requires an understanding of how to prepare dishes and knowing the essential ingredients needed for each recipe. While cooking may not always be an effortless endeavor, it demands patience and dedication. This training has reinforced my belief that cooking is not akin to rocket science.

These culinary skills have not only enriched our palates but have also provided us with a window into the diverse cultures and traditions of the world. Food undeniably plays a pivotal role in everyone's lives, and by honing these skills, we are equipping ourselves to become adept multitaskers in the future. Cooking encompasses more than just using a stove to prepare delectable dishes; it is the art of transforming raw vegetables and basic ingredients into simple and edible food which is important for survival.

We made various dishes like Thai Curry with Jasmine Rice, Paneer Kulcha, Chole Bhature and Au Gratin. Cooking sessions have provided us with unforgettable memories which we expect to cherish in the future.

I also wish to extend an encouraging invitation to my fellow juniors to participate in The International Award for Young People and get the best of the experiences that we have had.

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