Friday 31 March 2023

The Award in Action- Ushnish Mukherjee, DPS NEWTOWN

 I have had a passion for making little delectable things since childhood. Legos were my escape route from homework. But the thing I fell in love with is origami, the Japanese art of folding paper.

I remember spending hours on end and papers uncounted for to create many such models over the years. From primary school years I have gifted many teachers different origami models for teachers’ days. In recent years though, due to the perceived pressures of study, being seen with origami papers was inviting scolding from my mother.

My participation in The International Award for Young People, India and our teachers’ encouragement for physical and mental activities have rejuvenated my passion and love for origami. It relaxes me, and makes my mind work to see things differently. Using imagination is possibly the best way to keep your mind active and young.

My latest creation is a bull. An amazing animal that has inspired so many artists over many millennia. I created this using white paper because I wanted to portray a thought, ‘the biggest powers need to be peaceful’. In nature, they are.


Thank you, teachers, and IAYP for your inspiration and encouragement.

-Submitted by Ushnish Mukherjee, Class XI, DPS NEWTOWN

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