Saturday 25 March 2023

The Award in Action- Dyal Singh Public School, Jagadhri

Award Participants from Dyal Singh Public School, Jagadhri, Yamuna Nagar share their experience with the residential project under the Award. Following is their itinerary:  

Day 1. We spent time cleaning at the Channeti Buddhist Stupa, which holds immense historical importance. Chaneti Buddhist Stupa is a 3rd century BC monument protected by the Government of India. The stupa is located in the Yamunanagar district of Haryana, three kilometers east of Jagadhri, and about three kilometers northwest of the archaeological site Sugh. 

Day 2. Learnt the art of making bricks and experienced the life of brick workers. 

Day 3. Learnt new art of making pots. What fun it was seeing clay getting molded in a new shape in seconds.

Day 4. Participants learnt about village life as well as the art of traditional embroidery and cooking.


Out of all levels Bronze, Silver and Gold. This residential project is most cherished.

-Submitted by Ekta Singh, Dyal Singh Public School, Jagadhri.

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