Wednesday 27 February 2019

We minted memories with the IAYP family

The Adventurous Journey section of the Award Programme is not just a platform for expanding the knowledge base of young adults; it’s an opportunity for participants to build human connections and develop their leadership abilities. Advaita Singh, an Award participant from Billabong High International School, Bhopal, narrates her experience of visiting Chandigarh, Manali and Delhi, highlighting how she made a new family in the process.

Here is the thing about an adrenaline rush -- there is nothing like it; the racing pulse, the thudding heart, the shaking of the feet in anticipation and fear and the doubt that constantly knocks against your once logical mind. So, we can proudly proclaim that the journey that we undertook to Chandigarh, Manali and Delhi as part of IAYP’s Adventurous Journey section was unmatched in terms of experience.

On 22nd December 2018, a bunch of exhilarated participants boarded the Bhopal Express to begin a journey that they would cherish forever. After hours of journeying through the plains and the hills, we arrived in Manali. With its snow-capped mountains, breathtaking landscape and starry skies, Manali had an air that made us push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. The temperature being sub-zero there, we realized the importance of sticking together, quite literally.

Having travelled for long hours, we were exhausted on the first day. However, with renewed zeal, the next day we trekked up to Solang Valley where we participated in adventure sports like zip lining, snow-mobile ride, skiing and snow tube ride. We walked back home before nightfall where a comfortable bonfire evening awaited us. We spent the evening under the stars, singing songs, playing games and planning our rafting trip, scheduled for the next day. River Beas was our rafting point in Kullu. We cut through the chilly breeze as our rafts raced across the snow-fed stream, bumping over the river rapids, leaving us with an enthralling experience.

Though our trip was amazing in its entirety, its highlights were activities like trekking, zip lining, rafting that challenged us to vanquish our fears. We not only developed as individuals but also learnt to move forward as a team. We have become more adaptable and receptive, learning to push our limits. The trip has brought us closer to our existing friends and offered us opportunities to make new ones. This week-long experience was one where we minted memories with people who had now become our family. Now that we have resumed living our normal lives and routines, we can say that the people who have returned are not the same anymore; they have undergone a complete transformation of their personalities and ideologies.

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