Wednesday 3 May 2017

The Journey

Satyam Gupta, Bronze Award Holder from Ansal University chose Creative Writing for his Skills section. Satyam shared a poem with us.

Living in the shades of the dark,
Today on a new journey we embark.

This journey is the first of its kind,
Everyone embarked has some answers to find.

As the sun has already set,
On this path don’t know where we'll get.

But the journey has to continue,
Because no one cares of our view.

We may think that we are right,
But every mile in the journey brings a new fight.

We always have to remain steady,
Come whatever may, be always ready.

Before we started it was all fascination,
But right now it’s a strange sensation.

At one point there was starvation,
Our body and soul needed a filling station.

In the middle of nowhere was a place,
Silence filled every bit of space.

Our entry made that space lively,
A halt here had become very likely.

Once again we were on the move,
Though this time on a different grove.

Many got tired and fell asleep,
While few stayed awake to look into the deep.

Now that its time and we are leaving,
One last line is 'It’s a new beginning'.


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