Wednesday 22 March 2017

Plantation Drive

"A tree can supply a day’s oxygen for four people."

Nature has been one of the greatest sources of energy for living creatures. We are indeed blessed and privileged to reside in the heart of a wonderful, attractive and eco-friendly environment. Staying in this beautiful paradise proves to be extremely therapeutic and tranquilizing and also motivates one to give back to the environment what it gives us humans so generously and selflessly. Planting trees is one such act of contributing towards the greenery of our surroundings.

Armed with lots of enthusiasm, energy, and thankfulness, the Award participants from The Sagar School, Alwar, wholeheartedly invested time and energy in the plantation drive aimed at a clean and fresh environment. The participants planted these saplings with the hope that, with time, they will blossom into plants and trees, adding beauty to nature and providing food for animals.

The need of the hour is to sensitize people towards promoting afforestation and preventing deforestation to save the world. Click for pictures

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