Wednesday 29 March 2017

Earning while Learning

The Award Programme Foundation is supporting a skill development programme for the development of rural areas under the Gender Diversity Empowerment Project. Areas like Singur, Baladbandh, and Kumroguri are under this project. Through this project young girls learn skills like making handmade jewellery (earrings, bangles, clips and necklaces) by the paper quilling method and other paper craft skills. These products are also sent to various fairs, offices, and stalls for selling. The girls earn some money as after selling these items the profit is distributed equally among the girls. Through this financial help the girls are able to help their family for a better living.
Some Award Participants from Baladbandh village have chosen “Paper Making -- Pen Stand” as their Skill for the programme. They made different types of pen stands using paper. They were allowed to sell these products at Kredent Tower, Kolkata on 24th March, 2017. Senior HR Executive of Tata Business Support Service Smt. Shivani Goswami visited them and appreciated the work and creative ideas of the awardees. She decided to use these handmade pen stands as gifts for some activities of the company.
From January to March 2017 these Participants sold the items at different fairs and earned around ten thousand ruppes. This amount was equally distributed amont the 30 awardees of Baladbandh village. Through this initiative many families have benefited. The project is helping these girls to develop the skills and earn while they learn.

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