Thursday 8 October 2015

Skill Development through IAYP

A report by Adrija Chatterjee
The Award programme foundation is supporting skill development programme for the development of rural areas under Gender Diversity Empowerment Project. Areas like Singur, Baladbandh, Kumroguri are under this project. Through this project young girls learning Skills like making handmade jewelleries (earrings, bangles, clips and necklaces) by paper quilling method. These products are also going to different fairs, offices, stalls for selling. The girls are earning some money as after selling these items the profit is distributed equally to the girls. Through this financial help the girls are helping their family for a better living. Some girls are going in the remote areas of the village for teaching local children. Recently Rasik Bhita Chatrimangal organised a stall in their office premises at "M-junction". There these handmade products made a good profit. People appreciated the beautiful work of the girls. Through this initiative many families are getting benefited. The project is helping these girls to develop the skills and earning while learning. Click to see the pictures

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