Thursday 8 October 2015

Showcasing the IAYP Programme

St. Mary's School, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi showcased the IAYP programme for the parents/guardians and the students of the school.  Jyoti Fotedar, Award Leader reports on the event.

IAYP showcasing happens twice a year. It is a time of great enthusiasm. Our IAYP is divided into many clubs and all the clubs gear up to showcase in front of an audience which comprises of parents and fellow batch mates.

Showcasing also brings out the best in us. For many aspirants it is a platform to tap the hidden skills and make themselves proud and gain self confidence. For many it is to enhance their leadership quality and their organizing skills.

Each level of Bronze, Silver and Gold have different levels of skill building program that takes place in these clubs. Parents are awestruck as they have never seen their children ever perform in these areas. Some of the views from the Award Aspirants are

"Being a part of organizing team, the experience I got was one like no other. It taught me time management, co-ordination, humility and gratitude in welcoming the guests.

"Showcasing has always brought out the best in me. First time I did showcasing I was part of the Physical Recreation and I learnt rock climbing. Next I was in western music and I learnt to play base guitar. It was a wonderful experience.

"The IAYP has always been a platform to learn, enhance and show the hidden skills that we generally have no courage to tap.

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