Tuesday 28 October 2014

International Gold Event Diary - Part 1

International Gold Event 2014 finally kicked off with a brilliant opening ceremony as witnessed by our IGE reps Anwesha Ghosh, Ankit Durga and Adrija Chatterjee. First session of the event was taken by John May, Secretary General. The participants have been divided into several groups and have an assignment that will be completed with due course of the 10-day forum. The final presentation will be on October 29, 2014 in presence of HRH Earl of Wessex. 

Activities with the motive of team building, leadership and efficient working have been major part of the first three days in Seoul. Activities included presentation, games and discussions which covered most aspects of team work. According to the IGE rep Anwesha, “all the sessions have been very fruitful and indepth.” While for Ankit and Adrija the exposure that they are experiencing is incredible, meeting new people and learning their stories has been the essence of the grand event.  

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