Tuesday 21 October 2014

Holistic development is the need of the hour

Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) is one of the biggest IT Company in the world; it offers employment to more than 50,000 fresh graduates per year. TCS Executive Vice-president and Global Head for Human Resources Ajoy Mukherjee recently said, "from an improvement point of view, we have been telling institutes that communications and soft skills are something that can be looked at... which will make people a bit more ready," this thought resonates with what we at International Award for Young People (IAYP) India stand for. IAYP believes in achieving holistic development of children in India rather than the unidirectional approach of achieving academic supremacy. In order to do so we believe inculcating children with better communication skills, team skills, leadership qualities and a sense of staying connected to the society through non-formal way of education.

Mr. Mukherjee pointed out that TCS has already hired 36,000 freshers this year and that number will increase but he also doesn’t hesitate in pointing out that most of the new recruits are just tech savvy hence technological knowledge becomes their only criteria for selection which doesn’t make the new recruits world ready. Keeping this concern in mind, TCS regularly conducts a dialogue with the heads of the institutes it gives offers and informs them of the need to work on the students' soft skills.

The Award helps groom young people and in corporate terms make them more ‘employable’ and make them much more prepared for the outside world” says Gold Award holder Anwesha Ghosh. 

Year after year, we at IAYP witness drastic changes among our participants when it comes to preparing them for the world that exists outside the gates of their schools and institutes. Participants after completing either of the three levels of the Award (Gold, Silver and Bronze) tend to become more confident, achieve better communication skills, develop team spirit and by doing so achieve a much more polished perspective towards the world around them.

Ankit Durga who has completed his Gold Award and now also runs LEAP Skills Academy which helps in providing vocational and life skills training says, “A lot of large companies today have developed extensive training models for new employees. The focus therefore, has shifted from hiring students with the required technical skills to employing students with a learning attitude and life skills.”  

For registering for the Award: http://iayp.in/getenroll.htm

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