Tuesday 9 September 2014

Sometimes words do all the magic

India has always been a country bestowed with many literary geniuses, either using their words to give face to their imagination or even fighting for what is right. Our culture and history gives a platform for our writers that is scarcely available anywhere else in the world. On that note meet Gold Award participant Lokdeep Teekas, a Masters student in Biological Science with a passion for languages and hobby that helps him do magic on a white sheet of paper. Hindi language runs through the veins of our country but it is soon becoming a language only spoken in homes or a poor man's language, Lokdeep is doing his share to show the beauty of the language by writing poems and posts in Hindi as skills for his International Award for Young People. Below is one of the poem from his collection, rest of them can be read on his blog at http://lokteekas.blogspot.in/.


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