Wednesday 30 April 2014

IAYP at Livingstone Foundation School

International Award for Young People (IAYP) India Team constituting of National Director Kapil Bhalla, National Aaward Authority Program Manager Bivujit Mukhoty and National Training Panel member Chai Eng Dutta & Simon Henry visited Livingstone Foundation School in Dimapur, Nagaland to organize Award Orientation and Award Leader Training workshop. This time in place of going with a traditional format of a report one of our participant at the workshop decided to give the report a new look. So read on participant’ perspective of the workshop:

Bang we got up on a Sunday morn,
To hear how was IAYP conceived and born.
Like sleepy snails we crawled into the Chapel Hall,
Where the chairman ushered Mr. Kapil, his team and all

Mr. Kapil unleashed the history and dynamics,
Mr. Bivujit dug deeper into all the tricks,
Henry & Miss Chai flavoured with chart paper, pen and glue sticks,
Now aghast, the participants listened like mystics.

Eight million youngs registered with their mentor,
Bronze, Silver and Gold, all ready for capture,
A Bronze in six months, indeed a marathon,
But a leisure time activity, a physical recreation.

The famous ‘Shield’ of expectation,
Each of us drew without preparation,
Some looked good, some looked grand,
Some looked what, it needed a magic wand.

All explained to us through chart work and game,
This is only to make us teachers of fame,
By leading all awardees into Bronze, Silver or Gold,
A sense of achievements, sure, we are told.

In the chart work of ‘Clean up’ and ‘Martial Arts’,
Mohan and Bipul were the notable wards,
With Khetomu the ideal coach, this could muster,
The Bronze in six months nodded Dr. Baruah the Mentor.

To develop personal skills, do Community Service,
Build character, launch into adventure, joy not amiss,
Gain a sense of achievement, confidence, self-esteem,
Is the essence of this program, so I deem.

The age most misunderstood is the teen,
Will become most constructive when they are keen,
To bag Bronze, Silver & Gold, International Award,
A self-fulfillment, when only fourteen, fifteen or sixteen.

Mr. Ahoto through PPP spoke of Leadership skill,
The deaf frog and the Japanese model,
Are the moral of the lesson to follow,
Come what may, be ‘deaf’ not ‘dumb’, ‘lone’ but not ‘hollow’.

For the concept of International Award, hats off to IAYP,
For the resourceful Seminar, Thank you Bivujit, Chai, Henry & Kapil Bhalla.

                                                                                                                              -- J. David. 


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