Wednesday 26 February 2014


12th - 17th January 2014: A report from Md. Zeeshan (Gold Award participant of Emmanuel Ministries, Calcutta) 

All the 17 Award aspirants (boys and girls) geared up with their rucksacks waiting expectantly to face the challenges that were before them. It was an evening with the entire community crowding before the bus to see their wards off to the Howrah station. We assembled at the Howrah Station and were joined by 15 awardees of Sri Sarada Math, Kolkata and 9 awardees of All Bengal's Women Union, Kolkata. We boarded the Adra Chakradarpur passenger at 11.30 and arrived at the Barabhum Station the next morning at 7.30 a.m. On the train we occupied our berths and sat together for a community meal.
At the campsite for about at least 17 km away from the Barabhum Station we together enjoyed the beautiful ambience of the Matha Hills forest.

Some participants were taken aback with the punctuality and the discipline which they feels that it is the most important crux of individual upbringing and development. Few participants took part in all the mountaineering activities even in adverse situations. Some participants were a bit too hesitant about the climbing activities, they endured in the last and was successful. During the day and right throughout the evening we were packed with loads of activities and some of it was very challenging.

Monkey crawling, the single rope bridge and the Burma Bridge were the highlights of the camp. Gaining vertical height to the Mathaburu Summit was a spectacular journey. It was to our amazement and wonder to learn the techniques of how to cook food without the use of utensils. This group activity encouraged everybody to do their bit, and work towards a common goal. An attentive and careful listening of stories of expedition to the Mt. Everest by IAYP Programme Manager, Bivujit Mukhoty actually made a difference in the awardees life. It was not a matter that how high he climbed, but it mattered most for him when he evacuated his fellow-climbers stranded and frost bitten on the mountains.

Md. Manzoor (Gold Award holder) also shared his memories of the days when he was just a novice and after acquiring the Gold Award he couldn't imagine that he would be in the same wave length along with the instructors, and how much the award programme has contributed considerably to his personality and character.

One of the most fascinating parts of this expedition was to witness the largeness of heart that was so clearly reflected among the instructors. Click for pictures

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