Wednesday 22 May 2013

Reality Check! A visit to an Orphanage Home

A report from Wynberg-Allen School, Mussoorie

Imagine a life without parents, a childhood without toys or an adolescence without the support of loved ones! Sounds frightening and disturbing, doesn't it? The Award Participants along with the students of the Wynberg-Allen School's Social Service Club became sensitized to this grim reality after their visits to some orphanages in Dehradun last year as well at the beginning of 2013.

For their recent visit, the members collected sweets, chocolates, biscuits, packets of chips, soft drinks, books and stationery items. They visited the First Orphanage and distributed all the items they had collected during an interactive session with residents. During this session, the children shared their interests with the students and sang songs for them. They were impressed to hear the older children of the orphanage converse in English. Mr Deepak, who runs the orphanage, shared with the students some unhappy circumstances that had accompanied the arrival of the children at the orphanage. One child had been abandoned by the villagers at their doorstep and another had been miraculously rescued from human trafficking. 

Every Saturday the Social Service Club of Wynberg-Allen visits some orphanage and donates items of use. They have visited the Cheshire Homes, Doon Blind School and the Doon Orphanage for Girls during their most recent visits. In addition to being an eye opener, these visits have made the students more appreciative of the numerous blessings they so freely enjoy and take for granted. 

Madhav Bharadwaj

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