Wednesday 8 May 2013


26th April - 3rd May 2013

Programme Manager Bivujit Mukhoty visited a number of schools in Assam and Kolkata between 26th April and 4th May, 2013. Beginning with a visit to Maria's Public School, Birakuchi, Naregni, where he met with the Principal, Moushumi Banerjee, Aparna Khairkar (Award Leader) and Binod Baruah. At Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti School, Amingaon, the Programme Manager met with Jayashreeta Guha (Award Leader) and Award participants and led a discussion on how the Award promotes all-round development. At Miles Bronson Residential School, Borjhar, he met Lipika Barah (Award Leader) and ran two orientation sessions for Award participants.

Mr. Mukhoty met with Ms. Khullar Principal of Akshar School and Neena Singh (Director), briefing them on their role as a YES Centre. The meeting was followed by briefing with Award Leaders and the Award participants as well as the Supervisors and Assessors in the school. He also visited Emanuel Ministries Special Project, Kolkata, where he met with Ms. Elora (Coordinator), Shajan George (Associate Director) and Thrimoti Barretto (Award Leader). The Programme Manager also interacted with nine Gold Award participants who had completed their Award Journey. 

At The Heritage School, Kolkata, Programme Manager met with the Principal and Kavita Arora (Award Leader), which was followed by an orientation session for the Award participants. He also visited Modern High School For Girls, Kolkata, meeting with Saugata Banerjee, Chandirma Sood (Award Leader) and Devi Kar (Director). They discussed their role as a YES Centre and shared the Award process in the Unit. The Programme Manager also visited Calcutta International School where Chai Eng Dutt (Award Leader and member NTP) and Mrs. Gungali were present. Mr. Mukhoty also visited RKMBBA Nerandrapur Special Project, and met with Biswajit Ghosh (Principal), Chandan Majumder (Award Leader) and also with Sarvaga Nandaji Maharaj (Secretary, RK Mission). He also attended an orientation session with the Award participants along with the supervisors and assessors of the school.

At the Sri Sarada Math, Rashik Bhita Special Project, Mr. Mukhoty met with Asheshaprana Matajee (Principal) and Nityamukta Prana Matajee followed by meeting with Award Leader Adrija and Award participants. He visited Sushila Birla High School for Girls, Kolkata and met with Shashi Khanna (Award Leader) and Sangeeta Sood (Award Leader). The Programme Manager also visited the All Bengal Women's Union Special Project and met with Sumita Roy and Sabitre Mandal (Award Leader) and discussed the role of the Centre in running the Award Programme. 

Gold Award Holder Anwesha Ghosh, (NAA Intern, who assists the Special Project Unit) accompanied the Programme Manager during this meeting.

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