Wednesday 27 March 2013

The Diary of a Compulsive Adventurist

A member of the IAYP trip to Kalakund, 22nd to 24th February 2013 Billabong High International School, Bhopal

We set out on the much awaited IAYP adventure camp along with 20 of my friends from Grade 9 to have fun and relax in nature's lap from 22nd to 24th February 2013, at the picturesque Kalakund, about fifty kilometers from Indore.

We reached the camping site just after noon, having had lunch en-route and got busy pitching our tents and chilling for a while. The cool, fresh breeze was refreshing and enthused us for the 'Zip line adventure' that was scheduled next. On return, we got down to lighting the fires for the delicious supper of "Khichdi and Maggie". How delicious tasted the food which we had cooked all by ourselves! For many of us it was our first attempt at cooking and we now know how much effort and patience even a simple meal demands. Tired and fatigued, we retired to our tents and slept like logs. 

The next day entailed a 6 km trek along the river, discovering and identifying the flora of the area. We were on seventh heaven amidst the untread grass, unspoiled greenery, the fresh air, pristine water and the chirping birds. Hungry for more adventure we indulged in 'Rappelling', 'River crossing' and 'Monkey-crawling' too. City life had taken its toll on us and all these activities tested our physical endurance and stamina to the hilt. The 'river-crossing and the 'monkey-crawling' gave us an adrenalin rush and scored highest on the excitement metre. The rushing water below us as we crossed the river was an inimitable experience worth experiencing. The exertive day was given a be-fitting finale by splashing for a cooling bath in the river. 

A sumptuous dinner of Dal, rice, vegetables and chapatis energized us for an evening of singing and dancing around the bonfire. Camp rules were strict and we went to sleep on time.

The next day was spent striking our tents, packing and clearing the camp area, helped and guided by our seasoned teachers, Ms. Nida, Ms. Mona Shrivastav, Mr. Virendra, and last but definitely not the least, the Chairman of the school, Mr. Najam Jamal himself.

The return trip was anything but uneventful. We stopped for some royal treatment -- a delicious Rajasthani feast at 'Chokhi Dhani' which was served by waiters dressed in traditional attire, to the accompaniment of live entertainment in the form of puppet show and colourful dances and the fatigue of the journey in no way came in between the students shaking a leg to the lively music.

We reached Bhopal in the evening to beaming parents who were eagerly awaiting our return though all we wanted to do was set the clock back and wish time return to when we were boarding the buses for the trip, and make this a never ending adventure. 

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