Wednesday 24 October 2012

The 1st RIGHT STEP : Award leaders shared their experience

St. Anthony’s Hr. Sec. School, Shillong (Meghalaya)

The Assam Valley School, Tezpur hosted the IAYP's Second National Training Workshop in January 2012 and St. Anthony’s Hr. Sec. School, Shillong lead the initiative to participate in this workshop from the North East. The workshop was very enriching, informative and promising for the Youth of Meghalaya. The award program is an instrument that would help the young people to bring out the best in them by involving them in the sections of the award like service, skill, adventure, and physical recreation which will help them to be productive and responsible citizens.

Analyzing all the positive attributes, we were very eager to start up the award program in St. Anthony’s Hr. Sec. School, Shillong. The school Administrator Fr. Rajendran K. encouraged us to take the plunge as new award leaders. Since January, 2012 we have been working on building the team, talking to the students and other at S. Anthony’s Higher Secondary School. Being new award leaders, we were ourselves on an adventurous journey to find ourselves. So to begin with, we organized a presentation and orientation programme for the boys in April. We gathered a group of 30 and using the audio / visual aids we briefed them about the award and its objectives. We could see the interest, eagerness and the enthusiasm on the faces of the students. The video ‘Why not you?’ had quite an impact as it shows true work of the award participants.

In the interactive session the boys were eager to know many things apart from the usual Q/A. It was interesting to hear questions such as - how to go about it, whether they have to study and sit for examination, is there any regular Routine like school routines, about the registration fee, the activities involved, adventure etc.

We decided to begin slowly and with a small number to settle down as award leaders and hope the experience will bring the best for the youth in Meghalaya. At the end we were happy and satisfied award leaders, having conducted fruitful sessions with the students. And we could feel that through this program, we will have a positive impact in the lives of adolescence. With that we can bring out some positive change in the young people and in the society. 

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